Why Vote for Bob McDonnell?

Recently a reader of this blog asked me, “Josh – If you’re a Ron Paul conservative, why in the world are you supporting Bob McDonnell?  Dr. Paul is hardly enthused w/ McDonnell…”  It is certainly a fair question to ask. Why should I, as a constitutional conservative, support Bob McDonnell? Some might say that I should because he is the Republican candidate.  Although I typically support Republicans over Democrats, it is because of their principles, not simply their party affiliation.  We all know Republicans, like Arlen Specter (formerly a Republican) or Lincoln Chafee, with whom we agree little politically.  Principles and principles alone must be our guiding factor.  That having been said, what principles link both Bob McDonnell and myself?

Both the abortion issue and the second amendment are very important to me.  While one defends the lives of the most defenseless among us, the other protects our property and very freedom against the potential tyranny of our neighbors and the government.   I believe that Bob McDonnell upholds these same values and I’ll share with you a video clip about these issues.

How about taxes?  Obviously, in order to shrink the size of government we must exercise fiscal restraint.  Bob McDonnell has demonstrated his resolve on many occasions throughout his political career.  When I spoke to Delegate Brenda Pogge (Yorktown-96) about conservative support for Bob McDonnell, she pointed out, “Bob was also the Chief sponsor of legislation to kill the death tax.  Bob is definitely a conservative who believes in less govt.  He led the legislation in the house on most of the reforms initiated under George Allen.  Welfare to work comes immediately to mind.  His record will reflect that he voted over 50 times to cut taxes and has never voted to increase them.”

Need more? Try checking out the NetRoots Supporters’ Debate at Common Sense for Virginia on September 12.

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  1. Principles indeed should always be the deciding factor.
    I may be opening myself to some nitpicking with such an absolutist statement, but comes a time, when our freedoms and the values we hold most dear are threatened, and we find ourselves going back to those very fundamental principles, some of us learned in grade school, before they became out of fashion .

    I’m beginning to sense, that such a time is now upon us. It will be interesting to see just what transpires in the 2010 elections; will the results follow the customary partisan lines, or will we see a shift, a true shift, to the idealogical.

    As a registered Republican, Im getting more than a little tired of holding my nose, only because a Republican candidate, while only slightly less objectionable then the Democrat, is much more electable than the 3rd party guy who is infinately better than either.

    Will national disgust of the way both parties are running things finally boil over, and deliver a well deserved and long overdue nose bleed to some in both parties that so deservedly need one.

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