Why Don’t You Get A Job?

When I think about getting a new job, I can’t help but think of the first three lines of the song “Rock’n Me” by the Steve Miller Band.  The lyrics are right; it is very tough to find good employment these days.  Now, that’s not to say that I’m not presently employed.  I’m grateful for the work I have, even though I’m underemployed, but unfortunately my work has nothing to do with the field of politics.  As I’m sure you can tell from reading this blog, three of my greatest passions are: advancing my political ideology, learning about politics and relaying such knowledge to others, and writing.  I’ve been constantly searching for a job that encompasses one (or more than one) of these areas.

I’ve applied to positions as far away as Sacramento and Fort Lauderdale as well as peppering Virginia and the regional states.  Alas, the tree of success remains barren.  In addition, for some reason, communication from potential employers continues to be poor.  On several separate occasions, a person or organization has either set up a date for an interview or planned to make an offer, only to completely cease all contact instead.  It is horribly frustrating.  I understand that circumstances change.  Perhaps you found a better candidate.  Maybe you are in a hiring freeze.  Regardless, I would appreciate the common courtesy of a phone call or an email to relay this information.  If you happen to be a person who engages in such behavior, don’t worry.  Unlike Conan O’Brien, I have no plans of calling you out on this blog or elsewhere, but for goodness sake, couldn’t you show at least a nickel’s worth of respect?  Imagine yourself in my shoes.  Wouldn’t you deserve the same?

Now I know that this blog is a double-edged sword.  Although it has greatly increased the circle of folks that know both my politics and myself, I’m sure it has offended some people as well.  After all, it is a rare occasion when two people can agree completely on every issue.  Nevertheless, I make no apologies for any of the stances I have taken.  Every true, limited government, conservative could find more than enough common ground with this blog, and hence, with me.  Now I know what a few of you will say, “But…but…but, the war…”.  Sure, if you are a PAC, politician, media outlet, or another related organization looking for employees whose sole or primary task it is to promote the conflict in Iraq, you’d best look elsewhere.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a zealous pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-10th Amendment, pro-right-to-work, pro-Judeo-Christian values kind of guy, then I’m your man.

Well, I’m sure you came to this blog to read my articles, not to find a want ad, but I’m afraid we live in troubled and uncertain times.  Should you or an organization you know be in the market, send me an email.  Writing and politics are my life; I’d just like them to once again be my job too.

Thank you for your time.

4 Replies to “Why Don’t You Get A Job?”

  1. You are experiencing a common phenomena of our times.

    Both Republican and Democratic administrations have given corporations the green light to shift manufacturing to Communist China, while outsourcing technical support jobs to other low-wage nations.

    As a consequence, in America, we have a small number of extremely rich, while the rest of us are losing opportunities for employment and growth.

    We cannot continue to support the same political machines who are destroying our economic futures. We need a new approach that strongly sends the message to corporations that if they want access to American markets, then they must manufacture here.

    Both political organizations have created special protected status for every segment of our society, with the exception of transsexuals and White men. We need to restore a society where MERIT is the only basis for hiring and promotion. We also need to completely gut and replace the body of law known as, workplace law; so that some girl who hears an off color joke can’t bankrupt a company under the auspices of having a, “hostile workplace.”

    Bob McDonnell is the instrument of the multi-national corporations and he is all too eager to sell-off our Virginia assets to Chinese backed groups such as Transurban, rather than promoting a comprehensive effort to rebuild our strategic manufacturing base.

  2. J. Tyler Ballance,

    That is the consequence of free-market economics. Employers want reliable, productive employees for a cheap price. Where else but not-America!?

    In response to this post,
    Would it be plausible to start seeing some form of advertising on Virginia Conservative? At any rate, it would be an incentive to keep hearing a rational voice in the blogosphere.

    1. Thank you for your comment Bigvinu.

      Regarding advertising, there are two reasons why you don’t find ads on this blog. First, I am concerned that ads would cheapen this blog’s image. After all, this blog is about expressing my thoughts, not shilling for company Y or candidate X. Believe it or not, I’ve seen blogs that advertise for candidates, parties, and organizations that they ridicule in their posts. Sort of ruins the message don’t you think? Therefore, I would have to restrict ads to only candidates that I endorse or products that I personally use. Second, and perhaps more importantly, wordpress doesn’t allow ads on free blogs such as mine. I have considered moving this blog to something like virginiaconservative.com that is assuming I could buy that site, but those as plans for tomorrow and not today. If it possible, (and I am able to figure out how), I may include a tip jar like other sites. Could be worth a buck or two I guess.

      Rest assured that as long as I am able, the Virginia Conservative shall continue.

  3. J. Tyler Ballance you state, “We cannot continue to support the same political machines who are destroying our economic futures. We need a new approach that strongly sends the message to corporations that if they want access to American markets, then they must manufacture here. ”

    There is already a time tested way of dealing with this problem. It is called a punitive tariff. What is missing is the will to use them. The corporate media propaganda has convinced much of public that jobs leaving the country are unavoidable, but that is hog wash. We have the best government that money can buy. Consequently, the multi national/disnational corporations get whatever they want and what the want is a cheep docile foreign labor at the expense of the American people.

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