Whose Money Is It?

Well, like clockwork, tax day is fast approaching.  Like so many people I know, I believe that the federal income tax (along with the 16th Amendment, of course) should be abolished.  Citizens should have first claim to their money, not the federal government.  The income tax has led to a ballooning in federal revenue, which in turn has given rise to a massive increase in federal spending, government programs, bailouts, and unconstitutional usurpations.  How much longer will the American public continue to remain silent in the face of our growing welfare state?

This year, a coalition of conservative and libertarian organizations have risen in protest.  They include groups such as Americans for Prosperity, Campaign for Liberty, Freedom Works, The Leadership Institute, Young Americans for Liberty, and many others.  They are supporting a number of rallies across the nation on April 15th in opposition.  Here in Virginia, you can, (as of March 31), find rallies in:  Abingdon, Roanoke, Rocky Mount, Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, Newport News, and Virginia Beach.

So head on over to The Tax Day Coalition website to learn more and to sign up.

3 Replies to “Whose Money Is It?”

  1. I have one small problem with the Tea Parties.

    They are only symbolic, and dammit to hell, Im tired of symbols. I want to see some action!

    I want to see the crooks that got us into this mess confronted. I want to see taxes rolled back. I want to see these power hungry egomaniacs sent out of town on a rail, and the people given back their government.

    Not just in Washington, but in Albany, Sacramento, Columbus, Richmond, Salem, wherever they are hiding.

    1. You are certainly right on this point. Too often people will participate in these events and then do no more. They can become mere symbols, yes, but unless they lead to greater action then they serve little purpose. I’ve seen far too many symbols as of late. We need real action and I hope that this event will spawn something greater than itself. I’d like to see far more constitutionally minded candidates on the ballot. What kind of choice is it when we get a situation when neither the Republican or Democratic candidate actually plans to uphold and defend the constitution?

  2. Concur.

    I happened to be reading Federalist #10 the otherday. Hamilton has a lot to say in there about the fact, we may not always have wise and good leaders at the helm, and the consequences resulting from those times. Id recommend to those who are troubled by the Obama administration to read it, and give some thought to what he wrote.

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