Who Is David McCormick?

Who is David McCormick?  Earlier today, I couldn’t have told you the first thing about him.  Just a few moments ago, I learned he is a dark horse candidate running for the Republican nomination for Virginia’s 2012 Senate seat.  But who is David McCormick?  According to his website, he is an attorney from Hampton Roads.  Prior to his announcement, he served in the leadership of the Virginia Beach Republican Party.

Why is Mr. McCormick running for the Senate?  According to his website, he supports a whole host of issues, some of which are quite good, others that I find troubling.  Let’s highlight some of the more interesting and controversial thoughts.

When it comes to Washington reform, McCormick sounds pretty reasonable:

– Audit the fed?  Sign me up.

-Increase bill transparency?  Absolutely.

– Only allow germane amendments to bills?  Sounds good to me.

– Term limits?  Here I have mixed feelings.  Although I am concerned by career politicians who are more or less out of touch with the societies they supposedly represent, term limits could remove very good legislators as well.  The better solution is to remove some of the barriers to political competition and incumbancy protection such as McCain-Feingold.

– Constitutional Amendment to require a balanced budget?  Unless Congress can quickly learn to live within its means, the American people will be overwhelmed with debt.

– Cut spending and salaries of bureaucrats and politicians?  As I’ve said recently, people should be motivated to go into politics in order to serve our nation rather than to grow rich off of the taxpayers.

– Hostile nations cannot buy U.S. debt?  Although that may sound good, what would such a position do to our current financial servitude to China?

In national defense he has a few good ideas like:

– “Reduce  one-third  of our troops deployed outside of the U.S.”

– “Use Military to assist in the guarding and security of all of U.S. Borders”

– “End our deployment in Iraq.”

However, under children’s issues I see some problems:

– “All beer, wine, and other alcoholic  beverage commercials shall not be shown during regular family television viewing hours.”  Sure, we don’t want to encourage underage consumption of alcohol, but this idea exceeds the proper jursidiction of the federal government.  Plus, wouldn’t such a plan violate the 1st amendment?

– “No one under 21 years of age shall have to pay any social security or medicare.”  I don’t really understand this position at all.  Social security and medicare are already going bankrupt as it is, so this action will only hasten their demise.  Sure, I would like to see the federal government removed from these areas too, but we cannot cheat those citizens who paid into the system their whole lives and now rely on this income.

– “Congress to regulate the FCC and demand that standards of common decency be enforced for all prime time television programming.”  As a social conservative, I can understand where he is coming from, but supporting censoring out of D.C. smacks of totalitarianism.

– One bright spot is repealing No Child Left Behind.  As Senator Obenshain and Delegate Bell recently stated, if we want to get the federal government out of children’s education, it starts with eliminating this Bush era error.

I could delve further into his positions, but I believe I’ve covered the most interesting ones listed on his website.  You’re welcome to read and explore to your heart’s content.

Maybe you like what you’ve read about Mr. McCormick, maybe you don’t, but one thing is certain; he has a very tough road ahead in order to secure the Republican nomination.  The biggest problem I see is name recognition.  Outside of Virginia Beach has anyone heard of him?  Doubtful.  Although I still haven’t met Jamie Radtke or Corey Stewart, they are spreading their names and positions.  As a side note, Mr. Stewart will be visiting our local tea party in just a couple days.  Delegate Bob Marshall is well-known in political circles; he is beloved by some activists and passionately despised by others.  And then there is the front running juggernaught, George Allen.  As he was both our Governor and our Senator, even normally nonpolitical folks know his name.  Right now David McCormick has far and away the lowest name I.D. of any person who is currently running or those supposedly considering running.  Who knows?  Although it is very unlikely, maybe Radtke, Allen, and who ever else ends up running will damage each other so badly in the process that an unknown candidate like McCormick ends up winning.

The Virginia Senate race just got a little more interesting.  After all, dark horse candidates can win, but they are far more the exception than the rule.

3 Replies to “Who Is David McCormick?”

  1. I’m torn on how to view this. Part of me says the Tea Party movement has inspired alot of “average joes” and perhaps even moreso longtime part activists to eschew the usual “its his turn” thought process behind Republican nominations and just go for it, regardless of any elected experience. Another part of me, though, says someone is deliberately planting these thoughts in lesser candidates heads in an attempt to split the most hardcore conservative votes. That said, as you point out Mr. McCormick doesn’t exactly fit the mold of a hardcore candidate, be they of the libertarian or social subtype.

    Right now, best bet is he’s a guy who really thinks he has a chance. What else would explain his review of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on his campaign website?

  2. Finally, a republican that will repeal NCLB, which is keeping children who want to learn at the pace of those who do not value education. David has a sensible approach to environmental issues that balance use and conservation and takes a strong stand against those who would prey on children. Does he have a chance? Let’s remember David vs Goliath.

  3. Met him last night. Down to Earth, conservative, smart, and has a plan. frankly I’m excited about some new faces coming into the game. The good ole boy system of the GOP needs some new blood. I agree that the regulations against beer and wine are not the federal govt’s place, but he didn’t mention that last night so maybe he’s had some wise counciling on leaving that alone. he did recieve a cautionary comment which he admitted to learning on the campaign trail. I like a guy who doesn’t pretend like he knows everything. That’s a reality check we should all ascribe to. Best of Luck to him!

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