Who Don’t You Want?

The internet is full of polls related to the Republican presidential nomination.  Who do you want as the Republican nominee?  That question is likely the hottest political issue in most, if not all, parts of the country.

But let’s try flipping this question around.  Who do you believe is the worst GOP contender?  Even if you will vote for any Republican over Obama, which man or woman do you hope isn’t the standard bearer?

Now don’t think that just because you are not a Republican you shouldn’t answer.  The poll is designed for everyone.  This question is for Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and independents alike, regardless if you plan to re-elect the President, vote Republican, or choose a third-party candidate.

So, whether it is a dispute over domestic policy, foreign policy, political philosophy, or even a personality clash, if you had your choice, which of the eight major candidates do you not want to see as the main challenger to President Barack Obama in November of 2012?

Feel free to share your reasons for your vote in the comments section as well.

6 Replies to “Who Don’t You Want?”

  1. I had to go with Newt on this one. Some of his positions regarding the proper role of government are just plain scary. As for your thoughts Erin, I prefer a good bit of gridlock in Washington. When there is “progress”, that usually means expanding the size and scope of government, which is the last thing that we need.

  2. I went with Ron Paul, as well. Ideologically, he’s certainly an ideas generator for the conservative branch of the political spectrum. But the main problem is that many of the ideas he poses are largely impractical. It’s fine to campaign on getting rid of the Fed, a slew of federal departments, and the IRS…but having the political prowess to get it all done in a time of economic uncertainty is next to impossible (especially today).

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