Vote Your Conscience!

VC Note:  Earlier today, while at a meeting of the Valley Family Forum, I heard this political poem as read by its author, Angie B. Williams of Harrisonburg.  I thought that her message was particularly appropriate as we begin the two-month countdown to the November elections.  Can you imagine what kind of country we would have if every citizen chose to vote, not based upon labels and superficial attributes, but primarily guided by principle, reason, and the dictates of his or her conscience?  I’m pleased to present Mrs. Williams’ poem to you and I hope that you enjoy her work as much as I have.


Vote Your Conscience!

The saying, “All that glitters is not gold,”

Is ne’er more true than in the political bowl.

So when in the voting booth you finally stand,

Poised with pen and ballot in your hand,

Put partisan politics completely aside,

And let your conscience be your guide.

On which issues are you willing to negotiate,

And what compromises are you unwilling to make?

If family, faith, and freedom are your agenda,

Be sure you reflect them in the vote you render.

We must ignore the color of a candidate’s skin,

And consider his character before we begin.

For color of the skin no difference doth make,

But integrity and judgment for the people’s sake.

It’s not party, popularity, or pigmentation,

But who is best suited to lead our nation.

We don’t have to align with our party of the past.

For God holds us accountable for the vote we cast.

Axe the rhetoric, the big talk, and the photo ops,

And judge whose experience will rise to the top.

So before your ballot you mark at last,

Check the candidate’s voting record in the past.

Don’t whine about what difference one vote can make,

Just cast your vote, but never conscience forsake!

© 2012 Angie B. Williams, Harrisonburg, VA. Used with permission.

2 Replies to “Vote Your Conscience!”

  1. I appreciate your affirmation and am happy that you enjoyed hearing my poetry. Thank you for sharing it with your readers, and I trust that it has/will provoke many to think before casting a vote!

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