Vote Radtke on June 12th!

In the upcoming Senate primary, we are blessed (or cursed depending on your perspective) with four choices for the Republican nominee.  But whom should Virginia voters choose?  There is no doubt that we must select a strong leader, one with the courage to always stand up for our principles.  But more than that, we also need a senator who inspires confidence among the grassroots activists and has the organization necessary to run a statewide campaign.  These criteria, I believe, are the two most important elements when selecting a candidate in the June 12th primary.

During the last year, I have had the privilege to meet and speak with all the candidates running for Senate.  I must say that each has an interesting assortment of qualities.  However, only a single person has consistently demonstrated steadfastness to the two critical standards I listed above.  That one candidate who stands alone is Jamie Radtke.

One of Jamie Radtke’s most impressive characteristics is her ability to inspire my fellow citizens.  Over the past several months and weeks, I’ve met many ordinary hardworking people from across the Commonwealth of Virginia who are volunteering considerable amounts of time and energy to help elect Jamie Radtke.  Now, a lot of these folks have never been politically active before, but they realize that they must take a stand now, if we ever hope to curb the excesses of the federal government.  We must fire the reckless and unprincipled leaders we sent to Washington D.C. to supposedly fix this mess; after all, they’ve only made the problem worse!

Last week, when Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell surprisingly praised the use of drones in Virginia, Jamie Radtke quickly pointed out that his support of this kind of policy is just plain wrong.  This example of sticking up for principle is only one among a multitude.  Throughout the campaign season, she has shown time and time again that she is not afraid to call out Republican legislators who support big government programs.  Remember, it takes only a little courage to stand against opponents in an opposing party, but true statesmen will stand against their own party when necessary, even when doing so means that they must stand alone.  Jamie Radtke has proven that she will be that kind of leader.

Jamie Radtke supports our principles and has both the statewide volunteer base and campaign team necessary to win in November.  Now she needs our help.  I’m proud to endorse Jamie Radtke for U.S. Senate and I will cast my vote for her in the primary on June 12th.  Please join with me so that we can send a strong, conservative voice to Washington.

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  1. I am a bit puzzled as to why you are supporting her. She is going about this the wrong way.

    First, she is running for the U.S. Senate. What office of comparable importance has she held before? Radtke is a political activist, apparently a good one. Nevertheless, she has never held elected office, and she has no record that supports running for a job as important as a seat in the U.S. Senate.

    Second, she spends too much effort attacking Allen, and she is not careful enough with the truth. Do I support Allen? No. I don’t think Allen was a very effective senator, but Radtke took what Allen said in that last debate completely out of context. You know that, and you must know it was not honest.

    If you don’t like Allen, there are two other good candidates. Marshall has an excellent, well established record that both demonstrates his character and proves he knows how to do the job. Jackson most certainly comes across as a honorable and decent. He is a great speaker; it is just difficult to assess his practical experience. I don’t know anything about his church or what he has done related to it. Therefore, I see the choice as being between Marshall and Allen, and I am voting for Marshall.

    1. It is certainly an important question, Citizen Tom.

      First, I’ve already run through my thoughts regarding the problems with George Allen, so I won’t repeat them here.

      Second, as for Jackson, I have a few worries regarding his support for our civil liberties and protecting us from the overreaches of the federal government. In the early stages, I thought that Jackson ran a very poor campaign that was both disorganized and lacking in resources. Although he has improved in this area, he now seems to play the role of a spoiler in this race. I believe that he believes that he cannot win at this point. His call to promote Republican unity before the primary as well as siphoning away other anti-Allen votes will further bolster Allen’s chances on primary day. Given these thoughts, I think he is just trying to make a name for himself, get in Allen’s good graces and set up for a future run. I don’t believe that concept is the purpose of this primary and therefore I cannot support him.

      Third is Marshall. I refuse to speak ill of Marshall’s principles as I believe that he is an excellent state legislator. However, as a long-time campaign staffer, I’m surprised by the rather dismal job his campaign has done. I figured when I first got word that Marshall was running in the early part of this year, that he would rally his 2008 supporters and take the field by storm. However, that has clearly not happened. His campaign must be strapped for cash as the only bumper stickers and yard signs that I’ve seen have been recycled from his last Senate run. Besides a few slim jims and an old yard sign, my local Harrisonburg RPV victory center is completely void of Marshall materials. Although I cannot speak for his efforts in the entire state, I can say that he has made very few campaign stops here in the valley. No money combined with no materials and little face time equals no chance of victory.

      Now we come to Radtke. I suppose like most activists, I was rather dismissive of her at first. I thought, “who is this Jamie Radtke and how can she hope to combat the titan known as George Allen?” However, the more I read of her positions, the more that I liked what she stood for. Now, I will admit that when she unexpectedly had a last minute cancellation at the Verona Tea Party debate, my zeal waned considerably. As stated above, at that point I began to look forward to Del. Marshall’s inevitable entrance into the race. But, as I stated, Marshall failed to catch fire. More than simply settling for a runner up, I began to realize that Radtke will be a quality leader; I think she is the kind of leader we need in Washington, a conservative voice who is not afraid to stand up to the big boys in the party when we know that they are wrong. I suppose, unlike yourself, I see her repeated attacks on Allen as a high positive. Yes, as you point out, some are overblown, but I want someone who will attack the problems that plague the party and the nation, problems that people like George Allen helped create and foster when he was in the Senate. If a candidate will not attack Allen’s votes before the primary, what hope do we have for real conservative change when that person goes to D.C.? As stated, I’m voting for Jamie Radtke and will encourage my fellow voters at my precinct to do likewise.

      That’s my 2¢ on the matter right now. If anything else of merit comes up, I’ll add it.

  2. Has Marshall run his campaign as well I would like? No, because he does not sell his vote, he is always strapped for funds. I think he entered the race latter than he should have, but I don’t know his reasons. Perhaps Marshall underestimated the difficulty of organizing for a statewide primary. Maybe he just wanted to focus on his job as a state legislator. I don’t know.

    We don’t get to elect perfect people. Because I think it is better to have a good legislator than it is to have a good campaigner, I am supporting Marshall.

  3. I’m voting for who I think has the best chance to defeat Kaine, and that is neither Radtke, Marshall, or Jackson. Allen is the best one to do that and your vote anyone else is a waste unless you want the democrap to be our Senator.

  4. In 2011 Radtke leant her name and support to an organization that’s sole purpose was to shut down an LGBT diversity event held on PRIVATE PROPERTY. As far as I am concerned she is just another religious zealot soiling the good work that the TEA Party SHOULD be doing. Infringing on the private freedom of assembly and free speech, even by a group that one may not agree with, has NOTHING to do with anything the TEA Party should be standing for. Radtke may be a good cheerleader, but she is not the person that should be carrying the ball.

    1. I can’t say that I was aware of this event. However, as with the case with any person or candidate, we will find areas of disagreement. As they say, don’t let perfect become the enemy of the good. Nevertheless, I was of the opinion, and still believe that Jamie Radtke would have been a fine choice for the GOP Senate nomination.

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