Virginia Conservative Endorses Cuccinelli

As we are now less than two weeks from the Republican State Convention, I thought I should weigh in on the important Attorney General’s race.  For the attentive folks, you may have noticed that I’ve recently added two graphics links to my page.  One serves to remind you about the RPV Convention.  The other is a link to the Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General campaign.  When it comes to selecting our next Attorney General, there are a myriad of reasons that can compel you to support a certain candidate and I would like to share with you my three most important reasons for choosing Senator Cuccinelli.

The first point is the issues.  State Senator Ken Cuccinelli has proven time and time again, not just with rhetoric, but with deed and legislation that he embraces the same limited government conservatism critical to the preservation of the liberty and prosperity of Virginia’s citizens. When it comes to abortion, Senator Cuccinelli has been a tireless advocate for the rights and lives of the unborn.  He has worked to deny funding to pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, he has pushed legislation to end the horrid infanticide known as partial birth abortion, and he supports parental notification.  On immigration, the Senator has fought for the rights of citizens in denying immigrants who have entered the country illegally the same unearned benefits, such as in-state tuition for college students, driver’s licenses, and our jobs.  Senator Cuccinelli has fought against unconstitutional meddling by the federal government by standing firmly against the “Real ID” program.

The second point is endorsements.  Many politicians and political leaders I know and respect have also endorsed Senator Cuccinelli.  They include my own State Senator, Mark Obenshain, and Delegate, Matt Lohr.  In a discussion with Delegate Bob Marshall, he mentioned that the way I could best serve the conservative movement in Virginia was to work to ensure the nomination and election of Senator Cuccinelli, strong praise indeed I think you would agree.  Before becoming party chairman, Pat Mullins endorsed him.  So too have Morton Blackwell (president and creator of the Leadership Institute) and a number of other members of The Jeffersoniad.

Update: Sorry I missed the endorsement of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia, another very important group.

The third point is Senator Cuccinelli’s courage and commitment to his principles.  When the General Assembly began to debate the merits of the Real ID, who led the rally against the measure?  Senator Cuccinelli.  What about standing for the rights of the family, property rights, abortion, and the whole host of pressing issues of the day?  Again, Senator Cuccinelli.  He doesn’t just vote correctly, he also actively speaks out, encouraging other politicians and activists to rally behind his strong example.  One event that still comes to the forefront of my mind was the nomination for Senator at last year’s convention.  Former Governor Gilmore had a nearly endless parade of supporters trot across the stage singing his praises.  Yet who stood for Delegate Bob Marshall?  Ken Cuccinelli and Ken Cuccinelli alone.  Although many in the convention hall supported Bob, only Senator Cuccinelli had the guts to speak in favor of Delegate Marshall.  Even if you favored Jim Gilmore, I still think that you have to admit what sort of courage and fortitude Senator Cuccinelli displayed that day.  I strongly believe that he will consistently display such resolve when serving as our next Attorney General.

Therefore, I am both pleased and honored to endorse Senator Ken Cuccinelli as Virginia’s next Attorney General.  I have no doubt that he is the most committed limited government conservative in this race and he will serve this state and her citizens exceedingly well.

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