Victory, Sweet Victory!

Tonight was an important night for the restoration of liberty in our nation.  Both the primary success of Rand Paul in Kentucky and the defeat of Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania signal that voters are looking to change D.C.

Let me first start with Specter.  Although he was competing in the Democratic primary, I believe Specter’s loss is certainly positive.  Even when he was a Republican, he never was a conservative so I never cared for him.  Of course, when he discovered that he would lose the Republican nomination last year, he switched to the Democratic Party.  At that moment, some Republican pundits considered Specter to be a traitor but, as I never considered him an ally to liberty, his party switch was mainly cosmetic.  I think that at the end of the day, he was more wed to saving his political career than conservative principles.  Good riddance to a lifelong politician I say.

Of course Rand Paul’s smashing victory in Kentucky is far more exciting.  Rather than repeat the arguments I made a mere eleven days ago, I’ll redirect you to my earlier post, “The Battle for Kentucky and the GOP”.  One burning question though is, with his win tonight, will the establishment Republicans rally behind the Republican candidate or shrink away?  Obviously, I am hoping for the former option, as we need leaders like Paul in office.  In addition, assuming that Paul wins the general election in November, will he be one of the few voices crying in the wilderness, or will we bolster his victory by electing other liberty-minded men and women to aid in the cause?

I have no doubt that tomorrow will bring new challenges…but tonight let us revel in the sweetness of victory!

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  1. I agree good riddance to Spector and any other career politician who fell to the wayside because of grass roots term limitations. It is going to be an interesting election cycle.

    I’m feeling elated about the idea of a two Pauls in Washington.

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