The Waiting

IMG_0307Christmastime is often a time of waiting.  Children eagerly look forward to unwrapping the colourfully wrapped packages nestled under the tree in a few days.  I’m sure that some of their parents are beginning to wonder when school will start again.

I have been waiting too, but not for anything which can be found in a fancy box.

Since January of 2015, I have been working toward setting up a meeting with a particular Democratic senator.  After reading some of his opinions online and listening to some of his speeches on the floor of the Virginia Senate, I have felt compelled to speak with him, one of a handful Democrats I have wanted to get to know (another being former Representative Dennis Kucinich.  Who knows if that will ever happen?).   Although there have been two potential opportunities for a face-to-face dialogue over this year, the first in the spring and a second possibility recently, both have been unsuccessful and thus this plan has been pushed off to at least the start of the 2016 legislative session.

I’m also looking forward to having lunch with another state senator, this one a Republican.  I am told that this event too will likely transpire in Richmond sometime during the next session.

For three months, I patiently awaited word from a friend and political associate, as we were planning to grab lunch together again.  However, recently I was informed that all that time spent waiting was in vain.  Now the meeting will not happen.  It is terribly disappointing.

Now, I am waiting to meet a new political contact in person, a new potential friend and like-minded ally in the ongoing fight.  I am told that our meeting will happen soon, but currently have no idea of the day, time, or location.

And there are two political organizations that are interested in working together to help advance our shared principles of liberty.  Although I believed both would be getting back in touch in early December, I now must wait until at least early to mid January.  One of which I’ve been trying to set up something with since 2008.  Nine long years.

All of this waiting and hoping is starting to take its toll.  The waiting, the praying, the hoping.

I feel like I have become a modern-day Diogenes, looking for honest, honorable, and like-minded men and women in a world dominated by scoundrels.

I’m reminded of this short poem:

Patience is a virtue.

Possess it if you can.

Seldom found in a woman.

Never found in a man.

However amusing, it is a lie, of course.  Men can be patient, as all of this waiting has reminded me.

Good things come to those who wait, they say.  But as the waiting continues, hopes begin to blossom.  And, at times when this waiting fails to pan out, disappointment is as heavy as a lead blanket, smothering the slumbering dream that lies beneath.  Waiting can sometimes make you feel powerless.

But, with little other option, the waiting continues.

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