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Untitled 2Greetings readers.

Many of you may have noticed that recently this blog has migrated from my long-time home on wordpress to this new site (which looks surprisingly similar to the old).  I’ve printed new business cards and everything.  So, this evening I’d like to welcome to my grand opening!  You should continue to expect the same quality of news and commentary that you’ve come to know these last five and a half years.

So why the switch, you might ask?  Well, there are three reasons.

First, I like the idea of owning my own site rather than using a wordpress domain.

Second, given the length, it is a little easier to tell people that my site is rather than  Non-bloggers often forget about the wordpress bit.

Third, by transferring my blog to my own site, I am allowed to now run ads.  Although I don’t intend to be one of those sites who offers more ad space than content, doing this might put a few nickels in my pocket (I prefer dimes to nickels, but we’ll see what comes).  You can find one spot in the index column on the right.  One more may pop up in the future.

If you may recall, back in October I wrote discovering one of my pictures on an MSNBC segment without either attribution or permission from me.  I was told that they wouldn’t do anything about this issue, but I’m not a person who gives up easily.  After a bit of legal wrangling, they sent me a check.  I thought it fitting to use this money to invest in my writing, finally buying my own site.

You might be asking, why didn’t I choose as opposed to .net?

Well, I certainly would have preferred .com as such an address is much easier to remember.  However, while costs about $20, costs almost $4000!  NBC wasn’t nearly that generous and I certainly can’t afford to spend that kind of money out of my own pocket at this point.

Switching subjects a little, as I’ve done in the past, I’d like to offer the chance for guest posts again.  So if you have some burning opinion or report that you’d like the world to hear about, please let me know and I’ll see if we can’t get it up on the site.

Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy this new site.  The Virginia Conservative marches on!

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  1. I had a friend get a check many years ago from NBC. Trademark law is always interesting. They fought in court and NBC probably spent twenty thousand dollars to fight and ended up settling for near 7000.00 dollars.

    But my friend was trying to get an injunction to shut down a whole new cable channel network that shared the same name as him.

    I hope you put your settlement to good use. Content is king.

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