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Good morning readers and welcome to my latest piece.

You’ll notice the name of this post is the “Tennessee Conservative”.  I suppose a more accurate name would be “The Virginia Conservative in Tennessee”, but for sake of brevity, I chose the former.  No, I haven’t permanently left Virginia.  Shortly after my last post, I packed my bags and headed west, stopping beside Cherokee Lake in eastern Tennessee.

Cherokee Lake in Eastern TN

This adventure is nearly over as I’ll be returning to the Old Dominion tomorrow.  It has been good to see Tennessee again as I haven’t spent much time here since 2007.  Back then I traveled the state (as well as in southern Kentucky), spreading the Pro-life message across college campuses:  The University of Tennessee-Knoxville, UT-Chattanooga, Vanderbilt, Union, Belmont, the list goes on.  At that time, I was working for Students for Life of America.  The reason for my work was simple.  As freshmen are considerably more pro-life than their senior counterparts, we must fight at our colleges and universities to claim and reclaim the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s leaders.

Once in TN, you could imagine my surprise to discover that Students for Life of America (or SFLA as it is known), along with the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and several other organizations, was holding a conference at the Johnsonville Bible College in Knoxville.   Although it is difficult to precisely gauge the effect of my efforts back in 2007, like a surrogate parent, I felt that that I played some small part in aiding the pro-life movement in this state.  Therefore, I attended the event on Saturday; interested to see how the cause had advanced in my three-year absence.  I’m glad say that the room was jammed with numerous students and organizations eager to continue the fight against the gross injustice of abortion.

SFLA Director Kristan Hawkins and CBR Southeast Director Fletcher Armstrong

Regardless of what state we may find ourselves, we must continually fight for our principles of life and liberty.  Our task is to summon the courage to seek out friends and never surrender to the temptations of apathy and modern liberalism.  Not only can we win, we must win for our own sake and the sake of those who come after us.

Best wishes for the fight ahead.  I look forward to talking to you again soon.

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