The Romney Bus Comes To Harrisonburg

Yesterday evening, Mitt Romney’s “Hope For America” bus pulled into the parking lot of the Republican headquarters on Neff Avenue in Harrisonburg.  Although there were rumors that either Mitt Romney or another member of the Romney clan would be on board, they proved to be unfounded.  Instead, the bus held quite a few members of Romney’s Virginia campaign team.

Despite the lack of the candidate, a throng of enthusiastic Republicans showed up at the victory center including three Virginia state legislators: Delegates Rob Bell, Dickie Bell, and Tony Wilt.

After a short presentation, the Romney campaign invited the crowd to step aboard their vehicle.  The tour bus seemed to contain every possible feature and amenity.  For example, a section of the floors were inlayed with polished stone, there were a handful of televisions, and some of the padded chairs were embroidered with the Romney logo. 

In less than one hundred and twenty days, voters will go to the polls in November to vote for electors who will choose our next president.  During the 2008 election cycle, Barack Obama personally came to Harrisonburg; John McCain sent his relatives.  Obama ended up winning the city by about 2,400 votes, a feat no other Democratic presidential candidate has been able to claim in over thirty years.

So how much effort will the Romney and Obama campaigns put forth in winning Harrisonburg?  And which, if either, of the candidates will make a personal campaign stop in the friendly city?  After looking at all of the data, it seems impossible for Mitt Romney to win the presidency if he does not capture Virginia’s 13 electoral votes.  Therefore, I would expect that there will be quite a few more visits throughout the Commonwealth from both of the campaigns between now and November.

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