The RISE Contagion

This morning, Amanda, the pastor of RISE in Harrisonburg, crafted the following video for the service.  Personally, I found its message to be quite powerful. 

As we wrestle with the countless struggles of life, in how many moments are our emotions overwhelmed by fear?  I, for one, certainly can relate.  Among the various types of fear, there is the fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, and fear spawned by hate.  Unfortunately, like so many areas of existance, our political environment is dominated by these fears as well.

So, as Amanda suggests, is love stronger than fear?  For those in the Harrisonburg area, I encourage you to join us as we explore this question together.  You can do so for the next several Sundays at the Court Square Theater in downtown Harrisonburg starting around 10 AM.

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