The Return of the Virginia Conservative

Good evening everyone and welcome back to my blog, The Virginia Conservative. I know that it has been a bit of time since my last post (two whole weeks!) and I wanted to apologize for the delay. For those who follow my writing, you will know that although I was employed until very recently, I had been in the job market for some time. Now you may think it odd for me to apologize to you, the reader, for this gap. After all, this blog is free…I haven’t seen a single dime in profit. Still, I take pride in this blog and hope to offer ongoing commentary in a timely fashion. In truth, I really do enjoy writing this blog, even if it doesn’t put bread on the table. Like you, I’ve visited those supposedly great sites that now only update every couple of months and I think to myself, what’s the point? The Virginia Conservative must not die. So yes, updates will return…though as Election Day draws closer here in Virginia I would expect they might get a bit scarce. Nevertheless, I’m happy to be back.

For Liberty With Responsibility!

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