The ReDistricting Game

From the folks at the USC Annenberg Center comes The ReDistricting Game!  If you haven’t had a chance to try it, you really should give it a whirl.  Take the role of an “independent” advisor as you carve up districts to benefit various political parties and protect or even destroy incumbents.  Dilute or over-inflate the voting strength of those Republicans, Democrats, or minorities by putting them in a single district.  Better yet, thinly spread them across many districts to make sure that they have no voice in the government.  Compactness?  Who needs it?  Fair elections?  Bah, let’s make sure elections are decided before they even take place!

Here are a couple of screen shots from the program:

Hmm...the 3rd district looks a little gerrymandered. I bet we can do better.
Are these new districts fair, gerrymandered, or a tribute to modern art? You decide. But hey, the GOP should be able to easily win the 4th district as a result.

Play the game now and I’m sure you’ll gerrymander up some fun!*

* Warning:  Participating this game may lead to anger, discontent, and disillusionment with the redistricting process and the government in general.  Game is for entertainment purposes only and any schemes it suggests are not intended for use in any real world scenarios.  Many will play.  Only voters of the right party affiliation/race/religion/etc. will win.  If you can’t tell, neither this program nor the author of this blog supports gerrymandering.  If  you suspect an elected official has developed an addiction to gerrymandering seek the help of your state representatives or the court system.  Gerrymandering left untreated can lead to disenfranchisement, career politicians, and increased voter apathy.  Although The ReDistricting Game by itself will not eliminate gerrymandering, combined with a diet of healthy education and regular political exercise, the problem can minimized.  Use only as directed.

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