The Other Virginia Conservative

After creating my blog here on WordPress, I later discovered another blog using the title “Virginia Conservative”.  This one was on another popular blogging site, BlogSpot.  I suppose that it is not too surprising…after all there are a vast number of Virginians who do, in fact, consider themselves conservative.  I didn’t really dwell on the topic as the last post on that blog was back in 2007, assuming I recall correctly.  However, earlier today I received an email from the author of that BlogSpot site.  It was mainly a friendly hello, however, he did raise a good point.  He wrote,

in the future there may be some confusion between our blogs, where a rather nasty post by me may be attributed to you, or vice versa.

Now, as far as I know I’ve never met the fellow who creates this blog, and I assume both being self-described conservatives from Virginia that we would agree on many issues.  Nevertheless, as he writes, you should remember that the views and words of this particular Virginia Conservative do not necessarily reflect the views and words of the other.  With only a couple of posts written on his revamped site, I’m not quite sure what to think yet.  Anyway go check it out for yourself.

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