The Music of Ron Paul

Regardless of whether you care for Representative Ron Paul or not, you do have to admit that he enjoys a legion of loyal followers who express their support in a variety of creative ways.  More impressive still is the fact that they are completely independent of the official campaign.  While some methods are clever and innovative, like the Ron Paul blimp, others are merely bizarre.  Unfortunately, a few are counterproductive to his election chances.

One important fact to remember in all of this is that Ron Paul supporters are not a monolithic group.  They include folks from all walks of life and various political persuasions.  Although we can (and do) disagree among ourselves, we are all bound by an ideological thread to the Texas doctor.  But I digress…

Getting back to my original point of supporter created material, I’d like to share two songs written by professional musicians and Ron Paul supporters during the 2007-08 campaign.  The first is by Rick Ellis, a Frank Sinatra impersonator out of California.  The second is by Aimee Allen, another singer/song writer out of Los Angeles.  Although there are numerous sub par examples out there, I think both of these are quite good.

As you listen to them, I’d like you to ponder this thought.  How many other candidates, Republican, Democratic, or otherwise, have such a devoted following to write music singing their praises?

I hope you enjoy!

Note:  While Aimee Allen’s song is available on iTunes, Rick Ellis’ is free on his website.  Also, if you know of any more good examples, please let me know and I’ll add them here.

Special thanks to Joel for reminding me of Allen’s effort.

4 Replies to “The Music of Ron Paul”

  1. These are two great examples, but I have over an hour of Ron Paul tunes! Some of my favorites are by artists like Steve Dore and Jordan Page… many are by people who just felt inspired to write one, I did!

  2. I wonder about the dirth of songs written for Romney. Is it because Romney rhymes with zombie and not much else??? Just speculating.

    A composer in MD.

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