The Horror of War

Earlier today, I discovered the following video on Facebook which I’d like to share with you.  It offers snapshots of a young girl’s life as her world is transformed and ripped asunder by the harsh realities of war.

As new tensions flare up across the globe and old ones continue to burn, it is important to remember the horrid costs associated with warfare and the unfortunate victims caught up in the middle of these struggles.  Some days, we are too caught up in worrying if a person shares our religion, our political system, our nationality, or the same color of our skin to recall that no matter who we are, how we choose to live, or where we happen to reside, we all share in this struggle called life together.  Although I do believe there are just wars, we must resist the temptation when some of our political leaders are quick to sound the drumbeat to either instigate or get involved in armed conflict.

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