The Harrisonburg Budget

Letter to the editor submitted to the Daily News Record on May 14th and published on May 21st.

On Tuesday, a multitude of citizens spoke, listened, and watched as the Harrisonburg City Council debated the budget for 2014-2015.  At the end of the evening, I’m sure that many of us, like the older folks who spoke against the proposal, were disappointed with the result.   Unfortunately, the council decided to raise a multitude of taxes, including: the real estate tax, the personal property tax, the motor vehicle tax, and the water and sewer rates.

At a time when so many Harrisonburg residents struggle with fiscal uncertainty and an increasing number live on a fixed income, it is worrisome that the city decided to place such an increased burden on the people.  Yes, budgeting is a difficult process as many groups and agencies vie for dollars alongside critical responsibilities.  Nevertheless, like many of you, I wish that the council had instituted a few more cuts to keep taxes lower.

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