The Good and Bad Bills in Virginia’s Legislature

Guest Post by Charles Frohman

Virginia’s Our America Initiative (OAI) affiliate reviewed most of the legislature’s 2,000 bills and divided the relevant ones among them – pro and con – through 6 issue areas:

1. Cutting taxes and regulations;

2. Making Law Enforcement comply with the law;

3. Restoring Health Freedom;

4. Expanding School Choice;

5. Respecting Personal Freedom; and,

6. Strengthening Constitutional limits to government.

Virginia Conservative’s readers should take a look at the bills on OAI’s handout – to be used during Lobby Day this Monday, and throughout the 60-day session.

If you agree with these positions, print out a copy of the 1-pager, here (, and share it with your delegate and senator, either by email or in on Lobby Day this Monday in Richmond.  For all the details on Lobby Day, click onto OAI’s Facebook events page,

Charles Frohman, from Suffolk and now in Williamsburg, worked in DC politics for 2 decades including Governor Gary Johnson’s 2012 presidential campaign.  He is a regional fundraiser for the Our America Initiative, the only national grassroots movement for fiscally responsible activists who also are socially open-minded.  To reach Charles, email

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