The Fall of the Religious Right

Image from Jerry Falwell Jr's Twitter page
Image from Jerry Falwell Jr’s Twitter page

One of the more peculiar aspects of this election season is the fact that many evangelical leaders of the Christian right seem to stand steadfastly behind Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump regardless of the overwhelming evidence that he is a bigot, a racist, and a misogynist.  Then again, many of us surmised as much when he first announced his candidacy declaring that Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists.  In addition, although paying lip service to Christianity, Trump’s speeches and comments clearly demonstrate a very shallow knowledge of the Bible and gloss over or outright contradict the important tenets of the religion.

So, why do some important Christian leaders continue to stick with Trump?  After all, back in the 1990s, many of these very same people condemned Bill Clinton for his moral indiscretions such as his adultery, mistreatment of women, and his deception regarding the whole affair.  And now, after all of the evidence, both past and present, isn’t it abundantly clear that Donald Trump shares Clinton’s questionable (or downright immoral) moral character?  When you look at it objectively, what is the real difference between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump?  And yet some ignore, forgive, or even defend Donald Trump’s moral failings.  If our religious leaders won’t defend the dignity of women and the rights of minorities, what does that tell us about their view of God?

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I worry that many years ago quite a few Christian leaders made a Faustian bargain with the Republican Party.  These people have such a desire for power that they were willing to downplay or even sanctify the moral failing of Republican politicians while condemning their opponents in exchange for political influence.  Only now, with a man like Donald Trump, does this pact become undeniable.

It is becoming painfully obvious that Donald Trump was right when he said the following.  “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.  Okay?  It’s like incredible!”  This maxim seems to be especially true regarding the support of the Religious Right.  Unfortunately, with each new revelation about Trump, there is little doubt that some of our so-called moral leaders suffer from a broken moral compass.  Even worse than that is the fact that they use their influence and supposed holiness to delude their followers into following their poor example.

This whole affair reminds me of something Jesus said. “What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you shut the door of the Kingdom of Heaven in people’s faces. You won’t go in yourselves, and you don’t let others enter either.” -Matthew 23:13 NLT.

I’m certain that these same leaders would not hesitate to condemn Donald Trump if he were the Democratic nominee for president instead of the Republican one.  They would declare that his moral character is deficient and is unworthy to be president.  Yes, I support there are some reasons to vote for Trump, but none of them include his character or morality.  Therefore, how can this behavior be considered anything but gross hypocrisy?

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  1. I disagree with this. There was a word of prophecy given out by many Christian ministers that Donald Trump would be president. Donald Trump’s wife, Melania told him to run in 2016, and that he would win. Donald Trump has his faults (as we are all sinners), but he is not a bad person. In fact in his private and personal life, many testimonies are shared about how generous and nice he is. His blunt persona, is just that. And what he said 10 years ago should not reflect his character today. People do change. What surprises me is that anyone who claims to be Christian could support Hillary KKKlinton. Donald Trump is not a bigot. He is not racist. He isn’t sexist. He is non PC and he is the man God wants in the White House. We need to pray for him!

  2. ” What surprises me is that anyone who claims to be Christian could support Hillary KKKlinton.” What surprises me is that you call yourself a Christian and sing little diddies about Trump and forced deportation. As a Christian, you support a man who has been divorced twice, married three times, numerous affairs, fires people for a living, doesn’t pay his bills and I could go on. But you think Hillary is worse.

    The Russians made their choice for president and it was your guy Trump.

    Your life will not get better under Trump. I will predict you will still not have a full time job under the Trump administration. I also predict you will remain chaste under Trump’s reign.

    And to even insinuate that Hillary and the KKK should be used in the same sentence, WOW. Who did the KKK endorse? Hint, it was not Clinton.

    Now Meade search your Christian soul and think about these two words you are well familiar with – “Uppity Negro”. Does those two words ring a bell?

    1. Gretchen.. dear simple minded liberal idiot:
      The Russians had nothing to do with Trump. In fact, the DNC has their connections to Russia and are trying to deflect.

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