The Battle Lines Expand

This morning I received another email concerning the situation with Chairman Frederick.  However, the link it provides does not seem to go to the right place (at least for me).  It is as follows:

This letter can be found at

Also it should be noted that the signers below represent Unit
Committees which comprise 35% of the Delegates to the upcoming State

Chairman Jeff Frederick
Republican Party of Virginia
901 East Cary Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Jeff:

As fellow conservative grassroots Republican leaders, we urge you to
resign as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. After
reflecting on recent events, we have concluded that it is time for new
leadership of our Party so that we can unify, and win this November.

We have worked tirelessly over the years to build our party, advance
conservative ideas, and elect fellow Republicans to local and state
office. We have devoted our time, talents and undying commitment to
our shared cause. It is with this commitment to our party that we
agree with the other grassroots and elected leaders who support a
change in leadership. 


Kenny Golden Chairman, Virginia Beach City GOP
Donald Williams Chairman, Chesterfield County GOP
Angela Kelly-Wiecek Chairman, Hanover County GOP
Susan Stimpson Chairman, Stafford County GOP
Mike Meredith Chairman, Rockingham County GOP
Anthony Bedell Chairman, Fairfax County GOP
Pete Burkhimer Chairman, Chesapeake City GOP
Sheriff Mike Wade Chairman, Henrico County GOP
Pam Brown Chairman, Norfolk City GOP

If these leaders have joined the growing bandwagon of GOP leaders who want Frederick gone, it will be very difficult for the Chairman to stop this growing coalition.  Although I don’t know much about the rest, I have a good deal of respect for Chairman Meredith so his name, like Senator Obenshain’s before him, adds considerable credence to the effort.  I’ll post more news on the subject as it becomes available.

Update:  Some added allies for the Frederick side.  As found on, the conservative stronghold of Augusta County has recently passed a resolution in support of Chairman Frederick.  It reads:


Whereas, the Augusta County Republican Committee believes that the strength of the Republican Party comes from the grassroots up, not the top down.

Whereas, in June 2008, the State Republican Convention elected Jeff Frederick as the State Chairman with an overwhelming vote ot the delegates.

Now, therefore, be resolved, that the Augusta County Republican Committee:

1] Fully endorses and supports the Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Jeff Frederick.

2] We call on Republicans across the Commonwealth to focus on the elections at hand. Chairman Frederick is doing the job he was elected to do, namely to make the state party the servant of the local unit and not its master.

3] We call on the State Central Committee and senatorial caucus to also fully endorse Chairman Jeff Frederick and assist him unconditionally to retake

the Commonwealth of Virginia for the Republican Party.

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