The 4th of July

Politics is everywhere, and the 4th of July is no exception.  In the morning, I attended the parade in Staunton, VA.  The largest political group in attendance was the Republican Party.  They were promoting Ed Gillespie, Bob Goodlatte (who walked the parade), and, to a lesser extent, Marshall Pattie.  The Augusta County GOP marched with a banner as well.  Interestingly, although Emmett Hanger is the Republican incumbent, his parade float was detached from the rest of the Republicans.

Libertarian House candidate Will Hammer also walked the parade as did a number of Libertarians holding banners and passing out information for Robert Sarvis and Hammer.

The Staunton Tea Party, situated right in front of the Libertarians, also had a pretty sizable group.  I could not find a Democratic float or anyone walking for them, though it is possible that I missed them.

10501644_10152254477791915_5009266293520778121_nThen, in the evening, Harrisonburg held their parade.  Ed Gillespie attended this event as did Bob Goodlatte, Will Hammer, and four of the six candidates for Harrisonburg City Council.  I must say that I was delighted that even though many people were out of town, I still had seven other folks walk beside me as we promoted Joshua Huffman for Harrisonburg City Council.

All in all, I thought the events went well, the weather was a reasonable temperature and we avoided rain unlike previous years.  I hope your 4th went well.

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