The Schmookler & Huffman Show: Part II

IMG_2054Well, ladies and gentlemen, the first episode of the Schmookler & Huffman program aired on 550 AM WSVA this morning.  During our hour on the air, we discussed the NSA and the sometimes conflicting ideals of liberty and security, some of the scandals that continue to tarnish the reputation of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, and a bit of an exploration into political principles and philosophy.

I’m pleased to say that our discussion seemed to be well received and, as a result, our second show is slated for an upcoming Monday in August.  I’ll provide these details to you as soon as they become available.

However, if you were unable to listen to our program live this morning, don’t fret as you can hear it at this WSVA link.

Thanks for listening!

The Schmookler & Huffman Show

Andy Schmookler & Joshua Huffman.
Photo of Andy Schmookler from

What happens when you take a progressive author, commentator, and 2012 Democratic congressional candidate with a penchant for biblical quotations and combine him with a paleoconservative/libertarian political activist and blogger who was formerly employed by both Dr. Ron Paul and the Republican Party of Virginia?  Next week, the answer to this question will be revealed.

10 AM, Monday, July 29th, on WSVA 550 AM, will mark the start of this new radio show.  Andy Schmookler, the aforementioned author, and Joshua Huffman, the author of The Virginia Conservative, will sit down and discuss some of the more pressing political issues of the day.  Presumably, it will bear some semblance to Fox’s Hannity & Colmes Program (though hopefully without the stain of extreme rudeness which was common on that show).

Whether you consider yourself a liberal, conservative, libertarian, statist, or something else, you ought to tune in to Monday’s program.  It is time to expand political dialogue in the Shenandoah Valley!

On TV & Radio

As reported in a previous post, over the last week I have had the opportunity to speak on both the local TV and radio about a handful of political matters.

First, on Thursday, I received a call from WHSV TV-3.  They wanted me on the air to discuss a topic that I addressed at the city council meeting several days prior, the city owned and operated golf course.

In case you missed that segment, you can find it here.

Thanks to Dave for sending me a link to this clip.

Second, on Monday, I was the featured guest on Jim Britt’s radio program on 550 AM, WSVA.  The main topic for discussion was the May 18th Republican Convention, though we also briefly spoke about Dr. Ron Paul as well as the merits and detractions of using primaries and conventions to select party nominees.

Once the hour had concluded, Mr. Britt and I briefly discussed my next visit to radio land.  It is quite possible that, along with another local political activist, I could become a regular feature on WSVA.  I’ll provide more details once this idea develops further.

Thanks to everyone who watched and listened to these recent broadcasts.  I look forward to further opportunities to promote our shared conservative values to a larger audience.

In liberty!

A Radio Broadcast

On Thursday, as a result of the speech that I gave at Tuesday’s city council meeting, I found myself on WHSV TV-3 speaking about Heritage Oaks, Harrisonburg’s city run golf course.  I haven’t seen the clip yet, but once I can find it, I hope to share it with you on this site.

Tomorrow, I’m pleased to say that I’ll have another opportunity to speak with the local media.  Starting at 10 AM, you’ll be able to find me on Jim Britt’s radio show on 550 AM WSVA.  We will be discussing a number of political issues.  I’m not quite sure of the specific topics, but I’m guessing that we will delve into a host of local, state, and national matters including a multitude of current events.

If you happen to be free for some or part of that hour, I hope that you will consider tuning in.  I am told that should this stint go well, it could like turn in to a regular occurrence.  Am I a bit nervous?  Absolutely!  But, tomorrow’s opportunity represents an important culmination of many months of effort.

Exciting times indeed!