Immigration on WHSV

Image from WHSV

On Friday, February 27th, I appeared live on WHSV TV-3 along with fellow local activist Rick Castaneda and anchor Bob Corso to discuss President Obama’s recent executive actions regarding immigration.

Although neither of us were certain of the questions we would be asked beforehand and I wish we would have had a bit more time to hash out our differences, I thought it was an important and interesting discussion.  You can find the clip from Friday’s show here.


The Tea Party & The GOP

Earlier today, I received a phone call from WHSV TV-3.  The station sought the opinions of the tea party regarding the Paul Ryan budget, Speaker Boehner’s negative comments about organization, and the future between the Republican Party and the tea party movement.

Although my views do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Shenandoah Valley Tea Party, I was happy to offer them this afternoon.

The simple fact, as I mentioned in a previous blog post, is that the Republican Party is searching for a identity and there is a faction within it which is relatively unconcerned with political principle when weighed against political power.  As such, although they will embrace groups like the tea party when it serves their purposes, they will happily jettison these people after the politicians abandon their supposedly shared values.  I believe that Speaker Boehner is one such “flexible” individual which is why I wrote Representative Bob Goodlatte earlier this year (unsuccessfully I might add) urging him to vote against retaining Boehner as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

An equally important matter one should ponder is, what path should the tea party take?  Should it be in lockstep with the Republican Party, shun it completely, or perhaps something else entirely?

Anyway, you can find this brief clip on WHSV by clicking on the following link.

Reclaiming Kids’ Castle

IMG_1953As someone who grew up in Harrisonburg, I spent many a childhood afternoon and weekend enjoying the public parks the city offered.  However, around the age of ten, the city constructed a new structure in Purcell Park called Kids’ Castle.  Made primarily of wood, with a few bits of metal and rubber, the place was absolutely fantastic.  Without a doubt, it was one of my favorite spots and so I often begged my parents to take me there.

Several weeks ago, I got together with a friend who lives near Purcell Park and so I suggested taking a walk through the area.  Although I had visited the park several months prior, this time I took the opportunity to return to my childhood destination of Kids’ Castle.

Unfortunately, what I discovered was very distressing; the wooden structure was falling into disrepair.  Many of the metal surfaces had begun to rust, some of the boards were exceedingly worn, a few nail ends were visible, ready to pierce the hands of unaware children, a tire bridge was actively disintegrating, and a handful of weeds grew up through the gravel.  Although it was beginning to rain, I toured a bit of the castle and nearly fell on an exceedingly slippery piece of wood.  It was as if Kids’ Castle had been more or less forgotten, abandoned these last 22 years.

I brought up this matter during the public forum of the next meeting of the Harrisonburg City Council.  Reaction from the council was mixed.  For example, Council Member Chenault mentioned that a newer park, A Dream Come True, over on the west end of the city was built to replace Kids’ Castle and given the sorry state of the facility, it might be best to tear it down.  After the meeting, I received an email from Council Member Degner and a phone call from Council Member Shearer; due to these contacts, I also spoke to the manager of Harrisonburg’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Yesterday, I was featured on WHSV TV-3 to briefly speak about the matter.  That segment, which aired at 11 PM last night, can be found at this link.

It is my great hope that Kids’ Castle can be repaired so that the present and next generation of children can treasure it as much as I once did.  And, assuming I ever experience the joy of children of my own, I’d very much like for them to have a wonderful and nearby place to play outside, a recreational option that is much healthier than the hours of television or video games that parents increasingly rely upon these days.

So what will happen next?  Well, as a result of the city council meeting and the reporting of WHSV, I’ve been told that the city is planning to repair much of Kids’ Castle by the end of July.  It is excellent news.  It is time to reclaim Kids’ Castle!

TV, The IRS, And The Tea Party

On Monday morning, I received a call from WHSV TV-3.  As part of the Board of Directors for the Shenandoah Valley Tea Party, they asked if I would speak to them regarding mounting protests opposing the heavy-handed tactics employed by the IRS against the tea party.  Naturally, I agreed and, about an hour later, I found myself chatting with a reporter in front of the Artful Dodger in downtown Harrisonburg.

Click on this link to read the article and to watch the segment for yourself.

On TV & Radio

As reported in a previous post, over the last week I have had the opportunity to speak on both the local TV and radio about a handful of political matters.

First, on Thursday, I received a call from WHSV TV-3.  They wanted me on the air to discuss a topic that I addressed at the city council meeting several days prior, the city owned and operated golf course.

In case you missed that segment, you can find it here.

Thanks to Dave for sending me a link to this clip.

Second, on Monday, I was the featured guest on Jim Britt’s radio program on 550 AM, WSVA.  The main topic for discussion was the May 18th Republican Convention, though we also briefly spoke about Dr. Ron Paul as well as the merits and detractions of using primaries and conventions to select party nominees.

Once the hour had concluded, Mr. Britt and I briefly discussed my next visit to radio land.  It is quite possible that, along with another local political activist, I could become a regular feature on WSVA.  I’ll provide more details once this idea develops further.

Thanks to everyone who watched and listened to these recent broadcasts.  I look forward to further opportunities to promote our shared conservative values to a larger audience.

In liberty!

A Radio Broadcast

On Thursday, as a result of the speech that I gave at Tuesday’s city council meeting, I found myself on WHSV TV-3 speaking about Heritage Oaks, Harrisonburg’s city run golf course.  I haven’t seen the clip yet, but once I can find it, I hope to share it with you on this site.

Tomorrow, I’m pleased to say that I’ll have another opportunity to speak with the local media.  Starting at 10 AM, you’ll be able to find me on Jim Britt’s radio show on 550 AM WSVA.  We will be discussing a number of political issues.  I’m not quite sure of the specific topics, but I’m guessing that we will delve into a host of local, state, and national matters including a multitude of current events.

If you happen to be free for some or part of that hour, I hope that you will consider tuning in.  I am told that should this stint go well, it could like turn in to a regular occurrence.  Am I a bit nervous?  Absolutely!  But, tomorrow’s opportunity represents an important culmination of many months of effort.

Exciting times indeed!

A TV Spot for Ron Paul

Yesterday, I received an unexpected phone call from Bob Corso, one of the anchors at WHSV-TV 3.  I was told that they were looking for two people to come on the air for the evening news to talk about Virginia’s March 6th primary; one to discuss the merits of Ron Paul, the second to speak in favor of Mitt Romney.  I was told that Harrisonburg Vice-Mayor Ted Byrd would be representing Mitt Romney on tonight’s segment.

Although I have had very little experience with television, I was happy to get the offer.  After all, how many chances does one get to promote their principles and candidates to such a large audience?

Therefore, about two hours later, I found myself in the TV studio.  All of a sudden, there I was, in front of a camera.  Was I nervous?  Of course I was, but not so much for myself; it was mainly out of concern for saying the wrong thing and diminishing Ron Paul’s chances here in the Valley.  Nevertheless, I offered my thoughts regarding the race.  I must confess that I thought the process would be done over several takes, but instead it was all recorded as one; there was no room for error.

Thanks to Bob Corso, TV-3, and also to Suzanne Obenshain for recommending me to participate in this opportunity.

I hope you enjoy this video.  But more importantly, I hope it it inspires Virginians up and down the Valley to go out and vote for Ron Paul on Tuesday!