VA Conservative on MSNBC

On Monday evening, MSNBC’s Daily Rundown aired a segment on Robert Sarvis and his Libertarian Party run to be Virginia’s next governor.  During the piece, they displayed several photos including this one:

MSNBC When I saw this image, I had to watch the clip a second time.  Sure enough, they borrowed this picture from this blog, from my article on August 18th entitled “Sarvis’ Valley Adventure in Pictures“.

Then, he spoke on the steps of the Rockingham County Courthouse.

Normally, seeing one of my photos on a major news source would make me quite excited.  However, MSNBC did not attribute this photo to me nor did they seek my permission.  I’m fairly certain that if the roles had been reversed, if I had used something that their station had created without proper citation, there would be cries of “plagiarism” and I would be facing a horde of lawyers brandishing cease and desist orders or a lawsuit of some kind or another.

Yesterday morning, I contacted MSNBC with this concern but, other than being given an email address that I sent a letter, 24 hours later, I still have no reply.  Today, I posted my disappointment to their Twitter account.  I don’t think requesting a simple mention is that onerous of a request.

If there are any new developments in this story, you can find the updates here.

Now Linked to Facebook

Although this update is long overdue, you can now find The Virginia Conservative page on Facebook.  So feel free to check it out over there.  It is still in the early stages, but it should serve as a useful tool to connect with this blog as well as the other folks who read it. I hope to link it back to this blog as well once I figure out how.

You can find the page here.

Thanks for reading.

The Clash of The Bloggers II

For those who tuned in to the 2009 NetRoots Supporters’ Debate, you may have been disappointed by the sudden and unexpected termination of the discussion.  Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the debate could not continue.  However, these issues have now been resolved and therefore I’m pleased to announce…

The Clash of The Bloggers II, The Revenge

The new details are as follows:

Date: Sat. Sept 26, 2009
Time: 7:30 to 9:00 (EDT)

Come join debaters Tom White of Virginia Right! and Waldo Jaquith of along with hosts Venu Katta of Common Sense for Virginia, and myself for this next round of action.  From the brief preview that we got last time, believe me, you don’t want to miss out on this entertaining and informative event.  See you there!

Turning One

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the creation of this blog.  It’s hard to believe that it has been a whole year already!  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my take of conservative and Republican politics these last 365 days.  In celebration of the event, I want to say thanks to a number of bloggers who gave me the encouragement and technical help in the earliest days to get this project up and running.

Dave Dziok, formerly of VCAP
Rick Sincere
Jason Kenney
Sean Kenney
CatHouse Chat
Crystal Clear Conservative
As far as I know he doesn’t have a blog, but I also want to mention Chris Yakabouski

I’m sure that I’ve left someone off this list who greatly deserves recognition as well.  So let me give another shout out to everyone in The Jeffersoniad!  I’m proud to be a part of this group of “rabble-rousers”.  I’m also pleased to tell you that this blog is now listed on BlogNetNews.

Let us continue to advance our conservative principles in the years to come.  Thanks for reading.

The Other Virginia Conservative

After creating my blog here on WordPress, I later discovered another blog using the title “Virginia Conservative”.  This one was on another popular blogging site, BlogSpot.  I suppose that it is not too surprising…after all there are a vast number of Virginians who do, in fact, consider themselves conservative.  I didn’t really dwell on the topic as the last post on that blog was back in 2007, assuming I recall correctly.  However, earlier today I received an email from the author of that BlogSpot site.  It was mainly a friendly hello, however, he did raise a good point.  He wrote,

in the future there may be some confusion between our blogs, where a rather nasty post by me may be attributed to you, or vice versa.

Now, as far as I know I’ve never met the fellow who creates this blog, and I assume both being self-described conservatives from Virginia that we would agree on many issues.  Nevertheless, as he writes, you should remember that the views and words of this particular Virginia Conservative do not necessarily reflect the views and words of the other.  With only a couple of posts written on his revamped site, I’m not quite sure what to think yet.  Anyway go check it out for yourself.