Glenn Jacobs & The East Tennessee Libertarians

Last night, the East Tennessee Libertarian Party held their monthly gathering at the Lawson McGhee Library in Knoxville.  Being relatively new, it was their third gathering.  According to my count there were 32 people in attendance.  In one corner of the room they had a large supply of Johnson/Weld yard signs, bumper stickers, and palm cards.

In the first part of the meeting, the leaders discussed issues such as preparations for the upcoming elections and the creation of campaign materials such as Johnson/Weld koozies to be distributed at the University of Tennessee events.  They also noted that this was the first meeting for many of the attendees.  The leaders were in the process of collecting signatures so that the Libertarians could achieve recognition as an offical political party in Tennessee.  In Virginia, a political party needs to get 10% of the vote in a statewide election in order to be recognized, while apparently in Tennessee they need a certain number of signatures from registered voters based upon a percent of the number of people who voted in the last election for governor.

In the second half of the meeting, the featured speaker was Glenn Jacobs who is more famously known as the professional wrestler Kane from the WWE.  You never know what sort of speech a celebrity political activist will give.  Unfortunately, some rely mainly upon their notoriety rather than sound arguments or their speaking skills.  However, I must say that I thought Mr. Jacobs did a phenomenal job.  He spoke on a variety of topics such as: the need to promote a free market as opposed to the mixed one we have presently, the unsustainability of our government’s economic policies and its potential future collapse, the importance of being mindful of state and local elections, not just national campaigns, and the need for employing both logic and emotional appeals when discussing topics of liberty.  He also hinted at the idea of one day running for county mayor of Knox County (which I assume is similar to the chairman of a county board of supervisors in Virginia).

Although it took about 45 minutes for me to drive to the event last night, I thought it was well-worth the effort.  If you’d like to learn more about the East Tennessee Libertarian Party, you can check out their website or connect with them on Facebook.

Greetings from Tennessee

A view of Cherokee Lake
A view of Cherokee Lake

Hello readers and greetings from eastern Tennessee.  For the last several days, I have been here and will remain for a while longer, visting family, cat sitting, and the like.

Of course there have been political developments since last I’ve written.  After all, with a presidential election bearing down upon us, there is always something new to talk about.

As I’m sure you know, tonight is the first debate between Hillary Clinton (D) and Donald Trump (R).  Unfortunately, the debate excludes the voices of Gary Johnson (L) and Jill Stein (G), two candidates who are on enough ballots to win the presidency. but are not allowed on stage nevertheless.  Although the debate is likely to be entertaining, with Trump and Clinton attacking each other relentlessly, I assume it will be fairly substance free.   Therefore, I not planning on watching, instead visiting the local gaming store or watching Monday Night Football.

I wish that I could say something positive about any of the presidential candidates or campaigns, but I can’t really.  The Gary Johnson campaign (my choice) has been a disappointment thus far, with the odd Johnson sticking out his tongue interview, Bill Weld showing he is more of a liberal Republican than a Libertarian, and the general lack of organization and professionalism overall.  As for Clinton and Trump, well, the borrow a quote from Henry Kissinger regarding the Iran-Iraq War, “it’s too bad they can’t both lose.”

In about 48 hours, I will be in Knoxville taking the GREs.  I last took them about 8 years ago.  I hope I will do as well as I did then.  It would be nice to do something more meaningful in politics.

On Thursday, the Knoxville Libertarian Party will be holding a meeting.  Their featured speaker is Glenn Jacobs.  For the WWE fans out there, you might know him by the name Kane.

Well, the cause of liberty can and will continue, but for the moment I think I’ll take a bit of time for myself here in eastern Tennessee.  Nevertheless, I suspect you’ll catch me on tomorrow’s podcast of Freedom Gulch.

Best wishes and I look forward to writing you again soon!