The Schmookler & Huffman Show (Episode LVII)

On Wednesday, April 11th, both Andy Schmookler and I, Joshua Huffman, made our monthly appearance on 550 AM, WSVA.  We started off discussing the recent announcement of the retirement of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.  From there, we moved to the recent hostilities in Syria and possible U.S. reactions.  Lastly, we briefly touched on the ongoing Mueller investigation of President Donald Trump.

If you missed the show live, you can hear it here.

Senator Black on Syria

Yesterday, the official Facebook page for the Syrian President posted a letter received from a Virginia legislator.  This letter dealt with the subject of President al-Assad and the ongoing Syrian Civil War.  Interestingly, it turned out to be from Senator Dick Black of Loundon County.

Here’s the picture they posted:

10368798_733802899996878_5790165130987512064_o As the post on Facebook summarized, “Virginia Senator sent a message to President Al-Assad thanked the Syrian army for heroism, praising his prowess and skill, calling the terrorists “war criminals are linked to Al-Qaeda”, mercenaries are entering Syria to kill the people, adding that few Americans realize they are supporting the same the events of September 11, and that they are themselves massacred civilians and using suicide bombings in Syria to kill women and children.

“The Senator thanked Assad for his ‘respectful with all communities’ while ‘rebel’ wire ‘thieves and criminals and saboteurs’, wishing the Syrian army victories continued in the face of terrorists, blaming its sovereignty thanks personally to Syrian soldiers who protect civilians.”

Personally, I’m somewhat surprised that a state legislator would offer his or her opinions on this subject given that it isn’t a topic over which the Virginia government has any control.  Nevertheless, it does offer a perspective that is markedly different from quite a few members of Congress.

So what do you think?  Do you agree or disagree with Senator Black’s thoughts?

Peace in Syria

Yesterday evening, a group of local residents gathered on the court house grounds in downtown Harrisonburg to pray for peace in Syria and to oppose military involvement in the region.  I received word about this event the night before and was interested to hear what the participants would say, as well as observing how many folks would show up.

Shortly before the scheduled start time at 7:00 PM, I briefly spoke to the organizer of the event.  After learning that I was a conservative activist, he asked me if I would like to say a few words about this matter.  Although I obviously didn’t have anything prepared, I felt honored by this request and accepted.  I know that many conservatives would have declined, especially given the event’s ties to the liberal group MoveOn, but I firmly believe it is important to discover and embrace common political ground whenever and wherever it exists.

I oppose U.S. military action in Syria for a multitude of reasons.  To name just a few: we would likely be aiding a group that is as brutal as the regime they seek to replace, there is no compelling threat against the security of the United States, and our strikes will inevitably kill scores of innocent civilians who have already suffered tremendously under a particularly horrible civil war.  Therefore, I cannot in good conscience ask our brave men and women in uniform to risk and potentially give up their lives in this conflict.

After the speeches, the event concluded with prayers, singing, and a walk around Court Square.

To follow are a few pictures from the event: