The Virginia SFL Conference

Robert Sarvis speaking at the conference

Yesterday, Students for Liberty held their first statewide conference in Virginia on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.  The event included students from a variety of colleges across the Commonwealth and even a few from neighboring states.  The conference featured a wide variety of speakers including: former Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis, a writer for Reason Magazine, and the aunt of Ross Ulbricht, the imprisoned creator of The Silk Road.

As with any political gathering, I found some parts more interesting than others.  I thought the fellow from Reason was particularly entertaining and the talk of Ulbricht’s trial made me realize how little I knew about the matter and that I ought to learn more (which I explored once I returned home).  I also liked the panel discussion with the leaders of the George Mason, UVA, VA Tech, and William & Mary student leaders.  Although those on the left often treat the Koch brothers as a boogie-men, I appreciate the fact that I’ve gotten something useful from the Charles Koch Institute every time I’ve spoken with their representatives.  On Saturday, it was a portable charger for my cell phone.  I also had a good conversation with the woman at the Ladies for Liberty Alliance table.  Heaven knows that we could use some more good, strong, principled women in the liberty movement (especially locally).

While I sat on a bench during one of the break times, it was amusing to observe which of the conference attendees were introverts, like myself, and which were extroverts.  Although we all share a similar political philosophy, it can sometimes be taxing to be immersed in large groups for too long.

The William & Mary Libertarians
The William & Mary Libertarians

It was great to see so many students from my alma mater (William & Mary) at the conference.  I had the opportunity to speak with several of their members and I’m hopeful for the chance to attend one of their meetings before the end of the school year.

I’m pleased to say that I left the conference feeling encouraged, knowing that a growing number of students in Virginia are fighting to expand our freedoms, and that they are doing so outside of the constraints of the two major political parties.

For those who weren’t able to make it, unfortunately you missed an event that was both great and free.  So, what was your excuse?

Thanks to the students and organization who made yesterday possible.  Anyway, I hope this becomes an annual gathering and I look forward to seeing everyone at the next one!