George Will, That Great Neo-Con?

Earlier today, I read a brief post on the Daily Paul entitled “Neo Cons Supporting Robert Sarvis Libertarian Party Candidate For Governor of Virginia?!“.  It was written by a user calling himself Stonewall Jackson, which I assume means that he or she likely hails from our great state of Virginia.  In the piece, the author writes that both George Will and Jennifer Rubin support Libertarian Robert Sarvis “over Ron Paul endorsed Ken Cuccinelli”.

Obviously the author seeks to discredit Sarvis, Will, and Rubin through the use of the label “neo con”.  I know that I, like just about every Paul supporter, don’t have a fondness for the neoconservative philosophy.  I’ve argued that their foreign policy plans actually weaken our defense by spreading our forces across the globe in order to police the world, prop up unpopular dictators, and install leaders favorable to the United States often against the wishes of the local populace.  Here at home, I worry that neo-cons seek to surrender many of our civil liberties to the ever-expanding authority of the state.

I won’t claim much familiarity with Jennifer Rubin, but in my brief research, I belief that she is, in fact, a neo-con.  But what about George Will?  I certainly didn’t think he is a neoconservative, but let’s find out what we can discover.  Please note that this information comes from Wikipedia.  Let’s see…he “has proposed that the United States withdraw all troops from Afghanistan”.  Hmm, that doesn’t sound very neoconservative to me.  In addition, “He also criticized the Bush administration for engaging in warrantless surveillance and supported trials for detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp.”  Yeah, I can get behind these proposals as well.  What’s more, he favors legalizing drugs, wants to abolish the minimum wage, and opposes the death penalty.

Now, maybe I’m off base here, but in my experience in politics I would typically call a person who holds the positions listed in the previous paragraph a libertarian, not anything approaching a neoconservative.  In fact, I would assume that most neoconservatives would not be terribly receptive to these ideas.  As further proof, on September 13, 2013, Reason magazine declared George Will “has become a champion of libertarianism“.

Although I know that there is a rift between my liberty-minded brothers and sisters in Virginia over next week’s elections, spreading false labels and misinformation does not advance our cause in the slightest.  Unfortunately, the campaign to be the next governor of Virginia has devolved into the nastiest, most personal, and dishonest struggle that I think I have ever witnessed and, what makes it even worse is that it has trickled down to spoil the grassroots.

Agree or disagree with George Will’s opinions all you like, but please don’t resort to personal attacks, especially those based upon little to no legitimate evidence.