A Few Facts About Planned Parenthood

Today, my former employers, Students for Life of America, are promoting a video exposing many truths about Planned Parenthood.

In order to spread their message, they are encouraging their supporters across the nation to post the video to their Twitter account.  I did so several minutes ago, but for those of you who don’t subscribe to me on Twitter, which is admittedly most of you, I’d like to share SFLA’s video with you on this blog as well.  In case you are wondering, given that some of my first impressions regarding Twitter revolve around the adventures of Jeff Frederick and Ralph Northam in early 2009, I don’t think it is the best medium for spreading political information.

The promotion of liberty requires the protection of life, especially the most defenseless among us.

Planned Parenthood Exposed

Remember the Acorn sting operation from a few years ago?  Well it seems like the fine folks at Planned Parenthood have no qualms about knowingly aiding illegal activity too.  Will this video be the critical piece of evidence to finally defund Planned Parenthood?  Watch and decide for yourself.

Thanks to Mr. Armstrong for bringing this video to my attention and to Live Action for the video itself.

Update #1:  Planned Parenthood has fired the employee in this video, Amy Woodruff, for her actions. 2/2/2011

Update #2:  Supporters of Planned Parenthood have claimed that this example from a New Jersey clinic must be an isolated incident.  Well, today Live Action has released a video from our own Richmond, Virginia with similar results.  Although the tape is less damning than the first, the employee in the video still suggests circumventing immigration and prostitution laws.  The real question becomes, how many more Planned Parenthood employees would or have acted in the same way?  Thanks to Richard for sharing this info. 2/3/2011