Remembering Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day.  A day when we should pause and reflect upon the sacrifices made and hardships endured by countless men and women so that we can enjoy the many freedoms that we have.  These days, however, many citizens view today as part of a three-day weekend and time off from work.  It is a day of sales, barbeques, and picnics.  My first reaction is to look upon this festival of materialism and self-indulgence with disgust.  Shouldn’t my fellow citizens be grateful and mindful of the occasion?  Then again, perhaps such a thought is missing the point.  After all, our soldiers fought and died defending our freedoms so that the average citizen would never have to know the true horror of war…so that he or she would always have free choice, a free choice that includes picking whether to honor their efforts or ignore them.

So yes, today is Memorial Day.  I just urge you to take some time, even if it a single moment out of your festivities, to reflect how you came to possess your liberty.  I know I will.