Tuesday’s Results

If you were like me, around 7:00 PM yesterday your browser was fixed on the Virginia State Board of Elections website as results began to pour in from around the state.  Unlike traditional Republican against Democrat contests, I had no strong perception of which cities and counties would go toward what kind of candidate.   In the early moments and until about 60% or so of precincts had reported, Matthew Berry maintained a lead in the 8th.  Although he ended up winning both Arlington and Alexandria, his loss in Fairfax County and, to a lesser extent, Falls Church led to his downfall.  Another interesting statistic in this contest was voter turnout.  Every district statewide had at least 6% turnout with the 2nd district exceeding 9%.  The 8th was the exception where turnout was only slightly above 3%.  3%!  I know there aren’t nearly as many Republicans in Northern Virginia as there are in the Shenandoah Valley, but 3%?  Only 13,787 voters determined the result.  Now I’m not saying that one more voter would have made a difference, but only 522 more dedicated Berry voters could have swung this election the other way.  Turnout, turnout, turnout!  Turnout is key in these sparsely attended elections.  Then again, given their voting patterns, maybe there are only 13,787 Republican voters in the suburbs of D.C.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the results.  Berry didn’t win nor did a few others I would have liked to see victorious, but there were a few bright spots in the evening.

So you don’t have to look elsewhere, here is the rundown from the VASBE as of 12:15 AM June 10, 2010:

1st District

Rob Wittman 87.96%

Catherine Crabill 12.03%

2nd District

Scott Rigell 39.5%

Ben Loyola 26.78%

Bert Mizusawa 17.4%

Scott Taylor 8.09%

Jessica Sandlin 4.44%

Ed Maulbeck 3.76%

5th District

Robert Hurt 48.51%

James McKelvey 25.83%

Mike McPadden 9.74%

Kenneth Boyd 7.39%

Feda Morton 4.58%

Laurence Verga 2.27%

Ron Ferrin 1.65%

8th District

Patrick Murray 51.88%

Matthew Berry 48.11%

11th District

Keith Fimian 55.93%

Patrick Herrity 44.06%

Big Ol’ Primary Day

Today across our Commonwealth many voters have the opportunity to select their Republican candidates for the House of Representatives.  Here in the 6th district, I’m pleased to see Representative Bob Goodlatte as our nominee once more.  There are many GOP races going on: The 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd, the 5th, the 8th, and the 11th.  Each race (especially the 2nd and 5th) offers a multitude of differing choices.  Each person has their strengths, their weaknesses, their varied backgrounds, and their unique political philosophy.  So, assuming you haven’t already done, get out there and vote!  As is typical, I encourage you to vote if and only if you feel sufficiently informed about your options.  An educated voter is key to the survival of our nation, government, and our very freedom.

Remember…if you live in the 8th district, vote for Matthew Berry!  Although I haven’t endorsed a candidate in the other districts, I urge you to vote for whichever candidate you believe best embodies the ideals of limited government conservatism.  Today is your chance and your choice to make your voice heard.

Matthew Berry for Congress

Throughout the history of this blog, I have always stressed that in order to reclaim our country we need to elect limited government conservatives.  Earlier today, I had the opportunity to speak with Matthew Berry, a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in the 8th district.  Over the last week or so, he has been seeking the endorsement of conservative Virginia bloggers, and has already gained the support of Bearing Drift, On the Right, and many more.  Although his campaign website is a wealth of information, I wanted to learn a bit more about him.

Besides being articulate and quick-witted, Matthew Berry also shares my commitment to a limited, constitutional government.  He advocates fiscal responsibility through tax and spending cuts and the abolition of earmarks.  Other important issues include: protecting the rights of the unborn, repealing Obamacare, and eliminating excessive agricultural subsidies.  As stated above, if you would like additional information, please visit his website found here.

Therefore, I’m pleased to offer my endorsement of Matthew Berry for the House of Representatives in the 8th district of Virginia.  I encourage all citizens to vote for Matthew Berry in the straw poll at the Republican Convention today (May 22) in Alexandria, in the Republican primary next month (June 8), and in the general election in November.  Remember that only by electing candidates who share our values can we hope to create real and meaningful change in our government.