Modeling Botetourt

A few days ago, I found a rather interesting press release in my email inbox.  It came from a member of the Botetourt County GOP, one of our conservative friends and allies, and it reads:

Botetourt Co. Republican Committee Unanimously Passes Resolutions
Botetourt County’s Republican Committee has passed one resolution supporting the tea parties and a second resolution voicing its support for state sovereignty.

Fincastle, VA – April 27, 2009 – The Botetourt County Republican Committee unanimously passed two resolutions at their April meeting.  The first commends those participating in the Tea Parties and invites them to join the Botetourt County Republican Party. The second resolution commends Texas for passing a state sovereignty bill in support of the Tenth Amendment, and calls upon Virginia’s Legislature and Governor to pass Virginia’s state sovereignty bill – HR 61.  The Botetourt County Republican Party believes the unanimous passage of these resolutions will not only send a strong message to Virginia’s elected representatives but also to the Republican Party.
The Botetourt County Republican Party hopes both resolutions will send a clear signal to Virginia’s citizens: there is a renewed willingness in the Virginia Republican Party to stand up for your Constitutional rights.  Danny H Goad, Vice Chair of the Botetourt County Republican Party summed it up this way, “We are the party of the people and the passage of these resolutions further demonstrates that.”
In passing the second measure, the Botetourt Co. Republican Party leads the way for other Party units in Virginia to call upon their elected state legislators to pass HR 61 – which will strengthen the Commonwealth of Virginia’s assertion of its sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Delegate Fralin who represents part of Roanoke and Botetourt is a sponsor of the bill.
Mr. Douglas Gimbert
Botetourt County Republican Party
Tel: 540-353-4028

As you would imagine, I’m quite impressed by these resolutions.  When it comes to the issue of the tea parties, it is notable to see the Botetourt Republicans boldly reaching out to the community at large.  I’d bet that a number of folks who participated in the tea parties have never really gotten involved in politics before then.  They don’t really care about the differences between Republicans and Democrats, liberals or conservatives.  They just know that the federal government takes far too much of their money and they want it back.  It is a very important realization and one that if vocally embraced by a majority of citizens, would create a tremendous backlash against the federal government and might just even create the change we desperately need.  The Virginia Republican philosophy, not that bull neo-con crap that has led both our party and country astray, of limited government and personal responsibility, is the message that will resonate with these people.  That ideology, firmly held, rationally explained, and decidedly implemented, will restore our liberty and restrain our government to its proper role.  I therefore applaud the efforts of the Botetourt Republicans in this regard and wish them well in their efforts to grow the party and the movement.  County and city committees throughout this state would do well to follow the example of Botetourt.

The second resolution was equally important, if not more so, as the first.  As you know, states across this nation have been reclaiming their rights unconstitutionally stolen by the federal government under the guise of “promoting the general welfare”.  It’s high time that Virginia did the same.  I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I somehow missed HR 61, as the 10th Amendment is extremely important.  Nevertheless, I’m planning to speak with both my Delegate and State Senator (or their staffs) about this resolution to learn both their insight in the matter as well as their role, if any, in guiding or opposing the resolution in the General Assembly.  Therefore, once I have a bit more information I’ll revisit this topic.

Thanks again Botetourt County for standing up for our principles!  I’m looking forward to meeting you all at the convention in a handful of weeks.  As for the rest of the state, isn’t it time for your own county or city committee to do likewise?