A Killers’ Christmas

If you read last year’s posts entitled “‘Tis the Season Part I & II” you know that I don’t care much for the Christmas season.  Unlike our increasingly amoral and immoral society it’s not the Christian aspect I mind, but the focus on materialism, greed, and the well-spread lie of the man in the red suit.  If Jesus were to return to Earth during our supposed celebration of his birth, I think he would be appalled.

Anyway, for the last four years, the band The Killers releases a Christmas themed song  with the proceeds to benefit the charity Product Red.  Regardless if you support their charity of choice, isn’t the spirit of selfless giving a better representation of the meaning behind Jesus’ birth?  Of these, my favorite by far is 2007’s “Don’t Shoot Me Santa”.  I find the thought of a neurotic Santa bent on vengeance terribly amusing as it stands in stark contrast to the traditionally jolly and benevolent character children are taught to both honor and worship.  Although the song is great, the video adds so much more to the story.

After watching the video, I immediately signed on my iTunes account and purchased the video to share with friends and family.  So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.