Good President, Bad President

So we are less than a week into President Obama’s administration and already he’s made several controversial actions.

First, the bad news.  Several days ago, the president reversed a long-standing Bush policy on refusing funding to international groups who either perform or promote abortions.  This decision is terrible for several reasons.  From a limited government perspective, the government should not waste taxpayer dollars on international aid.  Then, from a conservative perspective, the government should not be in the business of aiding groups who slaughter innocent children.  Thus this action, traditional from modern-day Democratic presidents, is immoral, wasteful, and is downright unconstitutional.

Next, the good news.  One of Obama’s first acts was the closing of the secret CIA prisons operated on foreign soil.  Although my neoconservative friends will cry foul, I really think that such an action will, in the long term, enhance U.S. security.  How so, you might ask?  Well, think about the situation from a reverse perspective.   What if the Russians or the Chinese set up detention centers in Lightfoot, Falls Church, Louisa, and Dayton?  Would you, as an American, support this plan?  How about if one of your friends or relatives were captured and held at such a facility?  Would you consider it a violation of his or her constitutional rights?  Would you harbor a grudge against the intruding nation?  Of course!  No self-respecting American would tolerate such domestic interference from foreign powers.  Now why should we expect citizens in other countries to think differently?

As he promised on the campaign trail, that’s a fair amount of change for week one.