To Marry A Tiger

Recently the news reported Tiger Woods’ infidelity concerning his affairs with one or more women.  Usually, I don’t take much interest in the lives of celebrities; who’s dating whom, who’s photographed on a wild bender, or who’s entering or leaving rehab.  These are fodder for the supermarket tabloids, not serious news sources.  However, I believe that affairs are a different matter.  They damage the fundamental building block of society, the family.  Neither the husband nor the wife can come out unscathed as a result of adultery.   Although rarely seen by the naked eye, the deed still leaves grotesque scars.  A sacred trust, as well as a vow to the community and God, is torn asunder in the selfish act.  And, heaven forbid, what becomes of the children as a result?  Do they grow to hate daddy or mommy either openly or secretly for the pain inflicted on the other?  Or does their worldview warp, starting to view adultery as a socially acceptable act?

So what sort of restitution does Tiger Woods offer to his wife in penance?  A public apology and money…lots and lots of money…$60 million to be exact.  When looking at Wood’s marriage you begin to wonder if that was what the marriage was always about.  After all, although the precise numbers are uncertain, they did sign a prenup agreement certain to be worth millions.  Why did Tiger get married in the first place?  Was it solely about money too?  Did he gain new sponsorships as a result of his marriage?  Was that his main goal all along?  Does his guidance come through his conscious or through his lust and his wallet?  It is a sad reflection of our society, or at least an element of our society, when you look at marriage as a strictly financial transaction.  These are not the marriages that last, the marriages that produce well-adjusted children.

At this point you may think that I’m being pretty hard on Tiger Woods here and perhaps I am.  Then again, he’s not alone.  When tying this subject to politics, think back to a recent President or a Governor of South Carolina.  I don’t know if adultery is more common now, but I do know that it is certainly more tolerated.  This toleration must end for our society to survive.  It is a crime with consequences often far greater than theft, fraud, or bribery, but it is rarely treated as such.  Now I’m not saying that we should return to the days of stoning, but there should be a clear, undeniable, and harsh punishment for adultery to show that our society will not accept such perverse and damaging behavior.

Sanford’s Deepening Hole

With every new revelation offered by South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, I am continually amazed at the sheer audacity of his remarks. It seems to me that he has stuck his foot so deep in his mouth that he should be choking on leather. Perhaps some newcomers to this blog might find it strange to focus on Mark Sanford; after all, he is the Governor of South Carolina and not Virginia. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Mark Sanford and I share many of the same political philosophies and he was (yes, was) my choice for the Republican nominee for President. Now that he has ensnared himself in this web of adultery, his support from people such as myself is quickly vanishing.

Rather than taking the traditional mea culpa: begging for forgiveness from his wife, his children, and his constituents, he instead goes so far as to call his mistress his “soul mate” and, though apparently grudgingly, concedes the need for reconciliation with his family. Even the sexual deviant, President Clinton, when caught both in an affair and lies associated with the event, pretended that he was sorry. However, this shocking twist clearly illustrates that despite his rhetoric, Mark Sanford’s primary motivation in life is the happiness of Mark Sanford, everyone and everything else be damned.

As I recall from the Monica Lewinsky scandal, many of Bill Clinton’s supporters argued, “what does his personal life have to do with his ability to perform his job?” Now, as both a social conservative and a Christian, I do expect our leaders to serve as moral examples to the general public. Don’t we seek the very best of us to guide and represent our interests in government? But, even if you disagree, I ask you, how can you trust a man who cheats on his own family? Don’t those very relatives rely on him far more than the voters of South Carolina can, or ever will? It is true that Mark Sanford has damaged and betrayed both the conservative movement and the people of South Carolina with his sin, however these marks pale in comparison to the damage inflicted upon his family. Governors come and go, and someone somewhere will claim the mantle of limited government conservatism for 2012; but the family unit is the bedrock foundation of our society, our religion, and our state. Therefore, until and unless Governor Sanford admits his guilt, turns away from his errant path, and seeks the forgiveness of his wife and his children, he will know neither true happiness nor peace. Will he rise above this wrongdoing? Or will he plunge further into the depths of selfishness? Therefore, I implore you, the reader, to pray for Mark Sanford and his family.