YAF: Young Americans for Fascism?

Although this news is about a week old, I wanted to comment about Young Americans for Freedom booting Representative Ron Paul off of its national advisory board.  Now YAF recently made the claim that Paul’s views on foreign policy are dangerous to American security.  What I find particularly odd is, that as far as I can tell, Representative Paul’s positions have not changed overnight.  They are more or less the same today as they were when he was running for President back in 2008.  So, if they haven’t been modified, what would suddenly compel YAF to shun Dr. Paul?  After all, Ron Paul served on their particular board for over twenty years.  The only rational answer is that YAF itself must have changed.   From what I’ve found on the internet, their current chairman rose to power late last year.

What is far more disturbing is the vitriolic and misguided hatred spouted by current YAF Chairman Jordan Marks.  In recent remarks on a YAF page ironically entitled “Dialogue on Liberty”, Mr. Marks stated, “It is a sad day in American history when a one-time conservative-libertarian stalwart has fallen more out of touch with America’s needs for national security than the current feeble and appeasing administration.” What?  Was YAF asleep during the 2008 Republican primary?  Are they so far out of touch that they only get the news three years after the fact?

Rational debate and the ability to respectfully disagree are one of the healthy fundamentals of American politics.  Unfortunately, these values are falling by the wayside and YAF is aiding in their demise.  First, Jordan Marks has the audacity to call Representative Paul a potential traitor to the nation and then goes on to say, “Rep. Paul is clearly off his meds and must be purged from public office.  YAF is starting the process by removing him from our national advisory board.  Good riddance and he won’t be missed.” Obviously Mr. Marks is welcome to hold whatever views he desires on foreign policy, but declaring that Dr. Paul and his followers are mentally unbalanced psychos will only serve to polarize and weaken the liberty movement.  Calling for his removal from office entirely tells me that YAF has little interest in promoting freedom, even in domestic policy.

A few days ago, I received the following video from Adam Wood, an employee of YAF and activist who was heavily involved with the Ron Paul Presidential campaign.

It is unfortunate that Adam felt compelled to leave his position at Young Americans for Liberty, but I believe that narrow-minded people like Mr. Marks would make his time there very unpleasant.  I called YAF last week looking for a comment regarding this situation, but no one has returned my call.

In order to restore YAF and return decorum to the liberty movement, I strongly encourage Young Americans for Freedom to expel Jordan Marks from any position of leadership.  His poisonous rhetoric and actions are in line for an organization that tolerates no disagreement or discussion among their members (a.k.a. fascism).  Until and unless Mr. Marks is removed, regardless of any areas of agreement, I will boycott any and all activities of YAF and suggest that likeminded activists do likewise.

YAF’s phone number is (202) 596-7923.  Why don’t you let them know what you think?