Stand Up For Your Principles!

BwxNluxIgAEcwXfStand up for your principles!

Honor and honesty

Are glorious things

That ought to be valued




…your political party needs you to do otherwise

…this election is just too darned important

…you need to support the lesser of two evils

…we could be facing the end of civilization

…you can abandon them just this one time

…you want a promotion at work

…doing so would make your friends or family mad

…you will be viewed as a rebel or a traitor

…you really need the money

…everyone else is doing it

…you have a quid pro quo arrangement

…no one will ever know

…being part of the group is more important

…it would hurt your reputation

…you don’t want to be “that guy”

…your crush or significant other won’t like it

…no one likes a stick-in-the-mud

…unity is more important than principles

…it would hurt your self-esteem

…it makes you uncomfortable


Standing up for your principles

Sometimes means standing alone

Resulting in distrust, scorn, or even hatred

The world teaches us not to do so

How many of us listen?



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3 Replies to “Stand Up For Your Principles!”

  1. Cruz certainly stuck his neck out last night. He stood on principles and put his country and his beliefs first. I have quite a bit of respect for him now despite not supporting him for the presidency.

  2. “We must go forth from here united, determined that what a great general said a few years ago is true: There is no substitute for victory, Mr. President.”

    Last Paragraph of Ronald Reagan’s Convention Speech in 1976

    Ted Cruz is no Ronald Reagan.

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