So Much For Sanford

I’m sure that you’ve heard the news by now. Governor Sanford of South Carolina travels to Argentina to continue an affair. When I first read the story, I figured his faked story was true; he wanted some time off, so he went hiking in the Appalachian Mountains. After all, we all need time to unwind, relax, and just get away. Then again, the odd part about the story was that he should have been reachable, should his office have needed him and he should have appointed someone to tend to the affairs of South Carolina (no pun intended) while he was gone.

But no…he wasn’t hiking during the Father’s Day weekend. He was in Argentina cheating on his wife. I cannot tell you how disappointed that news makes me. Although I haven’t written that much about Mark Sanford, I really did admire him for his commitment to the same limited government principles that I share. I hoped that he would run for President in 2012 to restore both the Republican Party and the nation too. But now…but now he has tarnished himself greatly. Like former Speaker Gingrich, he has proven himself to be a hypocrite, condemning Bill Clinton for marital indiscretions and then committing adultery himself. There will be no Mark Sanford for President committee. Heck, there might not be any champion of the Constitution next time around. He has squandered his political future, his family, and my hope. I don’t know what else there is to say.

2 Replies to “So Much For Sanford”

  1. I felt similarly when John Edwards did his thing last year. Why oh why can’t people just keep their lust under control?

    On the other hand, I recognize that personal morality doesn’t go as neatly with good political leadership as we might wish. Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many other political leaders I admire would probably not survive the intense personal scrutiny common in today’s environment.

    Reminds me of an internet meme I saw once…

  2. I share both your views.

    Unfortunately, for the Republican party, this is yet another case of one of it’s stars that can’t seem to walk the walk.

    Maybe we do expect too much of our leaders; however, we are talking about basic entrance requirements for the job, here. This kind of thing could be covered up, or kept tacit, in Jefferson’s, or FDR’s day, but private morality and public knowledge of it, were worlds apart, even in the 1930’s.

    And while Democrats may have a higher threshold for this kind of moral nonsense, plus an indulgent media, Republicans have neither.

    I think its pretty safe to say he’s history.

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