Senator Hanger for…President?

Senator Hanger with one of his constituents at Lobby Day 2015
Senator Hanger with one of his constituents at Lobby Day 2015

Right now there are a lot of candidates running for president, especially on the Republican side of things where there are 17 major and semi-major challengers.  However, some people think we ought to have even more choices…I guess.

Earlier today, I received a rather peculiar email from a fellow named John Turner which read, “Please note your involvement with our Vote for ‘Virginia Sen. Emmett Hanger for U.S. President’ PAC FEC ID No. C00579839 statement for the Buena Vista, Virginia, Labor (& Political) Day Parade 2015.”  For the record, I have had no involvement with such a PAC nor do I plan to have any involvement with this PAC.  Curious, I sent a reply asking for clarification about two hours ago, but have not gotten a response yet.

Believe it or not, there is an actual PAC filed with the FEC called “Democrats For Republican Virginia State Sen Emmett W Hanger Jr For US President“. It apparently is run by a Mr. Turner based in Churchville, VA.  However, I have heard nothing on a possible run from Senator Hanger.  Based on the peculiar name, it is entirely unclear whether the PAC is hoping Virginia Senator Hanger (R-Mt Solon) will seek the Republican or Democratic Party’s nomination or instead try for third party or independent status.

Now, it is true that many years ago Senator Hanger did seek higher office.  But this idea failed after he ended up not qualifying for the ballot due to missing the deadline to have his petitions filed.  So, making a move for other position does have some historical merit.  Nevertheless, whether you support or oppose Senator Hanger, it seems virtually impossible for any state legislator anywhere to make a credible play for the presidency.  Both the name ID required and the needed fundraising capability are well beyond the scope of a vast majority of politicians.

So, that begs a question.  What is this PAC all about and what are its goals, if any, beyond electing Senator Emmett Hanger as the next president?  Quite strange if you ask me!

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