Scozzafava’s True Colors

Scozzafava’s departure from the NY-23 congressional race should come as welcome news to Republicans and conservatives alike.  The great concern was that a Republican and a Conservative candidate would split the Republican vote and allow for a Democratic victory.  Although Hoffman’s views were arguably more Republican than Scozzafava, the Republican nominee, the Republican R label attached to Scozzafava would draw heavily from three types of Republicans:  Republican only voters, liberals, and the uninformed. Now, even though her name will remain on the ballot, she should only attract a scant number of votes.

Today Dierdre Scozzafava once again showed her true colors.  Rather than endorse the Conservative, Republican-leaning, Doug Hoffman, she instead encourages her followers to vote for the Democrat, Bill Owens.  Although she remains true to her liberal principles, clearly these are not the values of Republicans or conservatives.  To a vast number of Republicans, there is no greater betrayal than for one of their own to unite with the Democrats.  Now that Scozzafava is out of the race, I’m guessing that most upstate New York Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief.  I just hope they learned something from this experience and insist on nominating true conservatives, not RINOs.

2 Replies to “Scozzafava’s True Colors”

  1. I’m not sure what’s worse. Bill Owens being a Blue-Dog thorn in the side of the Democratic caucus or Doug Hoffman being a far-right thorn in the Republican caucus.

  2. Blue-dog versus far-right? Hmm. To be honest, what’s most interesting to me is that nobody seems to talk about the “left” versus the “far left” in the same terms. It’s all about gradations of “hyper-conservatism” in this country, while various pseudo-socialist party lines are looked upon as unassailably enlightened and progressive. Conservative ideology is being picked apart ad infinitum, while the American Left is seen as the yardstick by which it is to be measured. To me it’s not only a perpetuation of the obsolescent “bipolar” political system, but an attempt to define the entire discussion of political directionism in terms of its nearness to the predetermined goal of turning this country into an authority-driven statist society.

    What’s “worse” to me has nothing to do with Hoffman or Owens’ fitting into a skewed political spectrum. It is rather the continued slide this country is making away from the most basic principles of individualism, independence, self-reliance and self-determination.

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