Why We Must Oppose Trump!

Photo from ABC News

A guest piece by Christian Heiens

I’m going to put this out there before the Donald Train(wreck) makes another stop and stirs up political controversy once again…

Donald Trump will never get my vote for President. NEVER.

“Party loyalty” be damned, a guy who less than a decade ago called himself a Democrat, said we need to socialize all healthcare in America, calls immigrants “rapists”, questions the war record of some of our bravest soldiers (our POWs), wishes to start a trade war with China and half of the world, wants to start a war with Iran and use unilateral executive orders to implement his political will, flip flops on abortion like it’s a question of who to ask to High School prom, and once donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Charles Rangel, Chuck Schumer, and Harry Reid does not deserve my vote, and will never get it.

Donald Trump has clearly taken notes from the Rachael Dolezal political playbook. He is a two-faced, lying hypocrite whose candidacy shames not just the Party of Liberty, but this nation. Rick Perry was right. Donald Trump is not just an embarrassment to the Republican Party, he’s a cancer. The Donald doesn’t offer practical or principled solutions to our nation’s problems, he offers “Trumpism”: a toxic concoction of demagoguery, economic ignorance, nativism, corporatism, and even borderline-fascism.

“Trumpism” has no place in the Republican Party, and never will. If Donald Trump ever became the Republican nominee, we as a party deserve to lose in the greatest electoral and political landslide our nation has ever seen. We deserve to be relegated to the ashes of history and languish in the void of political irrelevancy for a generation to come.

My fellow Republicans! My fellow Americans! Don’t be deceived by this political impostor. Donald Trump is a charismatic political outsider promising the world to us, but the 20th century shows us what happens when the public hands over the reigns of power to charismatic men fueled by bitter populism. Everything we stand for: the unleashing of the individual, the shackling of government tyranny, the limiting of arbitrary and executive power, the principle of separation of powers, and a belief in economic liberty, equal treatment under the law, and human morality will be discarded for “Trumpism” should this man become our nominee.

I understand your anger. I’m angry. Everyone I know in politics is angry. We are facing some of the greatest crises in our nation’s history. We long for someone who will finally tell the truth. We long for someone to take on the system, someone to fight back against the Washington machine and the do more than pour water on the ashes of the Constitution our political leaders have set fire to. We hope and pray for someone to rise up, capture our anger, and lead a political revolution that will change the course of history and save this country from the fate which has befallen other great nations before us. But putting our faith (and our votes) in the hands of a mad man is not the answer. No single person will save this country. Our problems are greater than any one of us, and while we should no doubt elect principled men and women with a background and history of taking a stand for liberty and justice, we should also understand that Washington will never be changed from the inside, even by a “political outsider”. Let’s instead harness our passion rather than waste it on empty men like Donald Trump, and use it to force Washington to listen to We the People through our elected officials at the State and Local level. Donald Trump is offering a top down approach to solving our problems, but the restoration of our Constitution and our liberties won’t come from the top down, but the bottom up.

Christian Heiens is a political activist from Culpeper, Virginia and is a student at James Madison University

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