Sarvis on Ballot

In a bit of breaking news, I have just received word that the Libertarian candidate, Robert Sarvis, was certified by the Virginia State Board of Elections today.  As such, he will be one of at least three candidates on the ballot this November at this point alongside Democratic Mark Warner and Republican Ed Gillespie.

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  1. Unfortunately, this probably means that Sarvis will take away more votes from Ed Gillespie than Mark Warner. We will have 6 more years of a Liberal Democrat that votes with Obama 97% of the time. Ed Gillespie would vote with Obama 0% of the time. Would we rather have somebody who votes with Obama Zero or close to 100% of the time? Sarvis can’t win but can make it possible for Ed Gillespie to lose. I am disappointed as the Democrats have funded Sarvis to be a spoiler. He helped Cuccinelli lose and now he will do it again.

    1. Butt-hurt Republicans need to realize a few things:

      First, the Republican brand name is tarnished. When Democratic voters get fed up with Obama they don’t suddenly turn conservative; Republican isn’t exactly a second choice for them. Exit polling showed that many of Sarvis’ votes came from fed up people who otherwise wouldn’t have voted. It also showed that more would have voted Democrat than would have voted Republican. So Cuccinelli would have lost anyway (and by a wider margin) if Sarvis hadn’t been in the race.

      Second, Republicans (and Democrats) do everything in their power to keep Libertarian candidates not only off the ballot, but (when that fails) out of pre-election polls and away from the media’s spotlight. And since the Libertarian campaign was massively outspent by the other two, the governor’s race was never really a three-way race in the proper sense where everyone was aware of it. Republicans chose to ignore and exclude Sarvis (rather than leave that choice open to the voters), essentially making him into a Republican protest vote and potential spoiler.

      Third, no one thought Sarvis was going to win. Sarvis never polled over 12% during the race, whereas the other two candidates were close to even. You can project your anti-Obama bias onto his coveted voters, but the only logical conclusion is that they didn’t care who the next governor was.

      Fourth, let’s assume you’re right–that 1) Republicans have an edge over Democrats in Virginia, 2) Libertarians take that edge away, and 3) defeating the Democrat is the important thing. Then, for the good of the Commonwealth, Ed Gillespie needs to drop out of the senate race and endorse Robert Sarvis.

    1. This is another complaint that makes no sense. Is Sarvis too liberal, or too conservative? To have taken votes away from Cuccinelli he would have to lean conservative, yet the claims I hear are that he leans to the left. Also, the accusations of Democratic funding are baseless, but no one spreading that rumor cares to investigate it apparently. Even if it was true, that doesn’t indicate foul play apart from the erroneous assumption that Libertarians draw more conservative votes. And by the way, no one owns any votes; there are no votes to be stolen. Republicans need to quit looking for outside sources to blame and own up to their own failure. Or it will happen again.

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