Rights Come From the Majority?

A photo of Senator Rapert from his Twitter account
A photo of Senator Rapert from his Twitter account

Although the Declaration of Independence famously declares, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…” apparently such a belief is in error, at least according to one Arkansas State Senator by the name of Jason Rapert.

On June 28th, Mr. Rapert posted lengthy commentary on Facebook regarding the Supreme Court decision on the issue of marriage.  You can find that statement here.

However, the purpose of this piece isn’t to hash out whether one agrees or disagrees with Senator Rapert’s statement, but rather highlight the exchange which happened later in that post as comments both in support and opposition flooded in.

At one point, Hannah Ulrich Jones writes:

Jones 1Astoundingly, about fifteen minutes later, the senator replies by saying:

Rapert What?  Did I read that last statement correctly?  Rights, according to the state senator, do not come naturally from our creator, like the Declaration of Independence states, but instead are favors generously bequeathed by generosity of the majority?

Perhaps not surprisingly, a multitude of Facebook users felt compelled to respond to Senator Rapert’s comments.  Here are the first in a long string:

ResponsesI don’t know about you, but I’d like to think minorities have rights too and that our government isn’t simply a tyranny of the majority.

This incident apparently isn’t the first time Jason Rapert has made some disturbing remarks.  For example, as one headline in the Arkansas Times from February of this year reads, “If Jason Rapert Didn’t Exist, We’d Have to Invent Him.”  This article was written after the senator supposedly offered the following thought regarding the conflict in the Middle East, “A strategically placed nuclear weapon would save the lives of our soldiers and quickly turn things around.”

Now, to be fair, I don’t know where Senator Rapert stands on a whole host of issues, but his statement about the origin of rights should raise some rather serious red flags for any American, regardless of political affiliation.  As a result, some of his detractors have taken to his Wikipedia page and added statements such as “Rapert is the founder and president of Holy Ghost Ministries, and he makes missionary visits to Ghana on a yearly basis and often spends his workdays giving minorities rights by choice.”

Just remember, ladies and gentlemen, unlike Senator Rapert’s way of thinking, rights are not gifts from the majority, for, if they are, they can be taken away just as easily.  No, we are born with certain rights and these rights don’t come from government, although we do entrust the government to protect them.  Rights come from God.


Thanks to Joe Enroughty for sharing this story.

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