Rest Stops Restored

Back in July, I lamented the closure of many Virginia rest stops as a cost saving measure for the state government.  Earlier today, I received word via Facebook from State Senator Steve Martin that they will be reopening soon.

We will have the welcome centers opened in less then 3 months, though I understand the Kaine admin had the toilets removed and physically taken elsewhere. I called Tim Kaine early last Spring suggesting private sector sponsorship to keep them open. His rep replied that it was a good idea, but then rejected it. I called… The Retail Merchants and Bob McDonnell and they embraced it. Such sponsorship may not be needed.

Nothing said “get out of my state” quite like those boarded up rest stops.  Thank you Senator Martin and your fellow levelheaded legislators for restoring these important features along our interstate system.  Even though the economy may not have fully recovered yet, I’m glad to see our sense of hospitality and common decency has.

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