Remembering Professor Grayson

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My relationship with Professor Grayson was interesting to say the least.  I took but one of his classes, Latin American Politics.  I must say that I found the subject rather depressing, decades of one party rule, military juntas, and coups backed by the U.S. Government.  Although I earned a B or higher in all the rest of my political science classes, in Professor Grayson’s class I had to struggle mightily to acquire a C.

Also, when I began my studies at William & Mary, Professor Grayson had served as the delegate for the area since 1973.  Perhaps not surprisingly, he was a Democrat.  I was an exceedingly active member of the College Republicans and our group had hoped to unseat him.  He did leave the General Assembly during my time at William & Mary, but not due to any efforts on our part but rather as a result of his residence being redistricted into the 64th.  He did not challenge fellow Democrat Delegate Barlow and thus did not seek re-election after the 2000 Census.

Professor Grayson with for Mexican President Caderon.  Photo from the W&M Government Department
Professor Grayson with for Mexican President Caderon. Photo from the W&M Government Department

Although I didn’t have a particularly grand rapport with Professor Grayson given our unfortunate adversarial relationship, it is my hope that my fellow classmates have good memories of him.  I can recall one instance when he opened his home to me and my fellow students.  More importantly, I was impressed by his constant enthusiasm for the subject that he taught, spending considerable time in Mexico and elsewhere, often meeting with the leaders of those countries.

In memory of Professor Grayson, I wanted to share the image of one of his campaign signs, which I have held onto all these years.

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