Reflections of a Virginia Conservative

Typically, politics is a rather dull affair in Virginia during the month of December.  The elections have concluded, activists and volunteers enjoy a bit of a respite, and thoughts slowly turn to the General Assembly session which will be beginning in January.

I’d like to take the lull to announce the completion of a project that I started back in February.  On and off for the last nine months, I have been writing a book detailing my experiences and thoughts during my many years in the realm of politics.  The amazing highs, the soul-crushing lows, the politicians, the activists, friendships formed, the animosity, this book covers all of these topics.   As I wrote to literary agents, “beginning as a teenage quest, as a young man I relentlessly searched for identity, purpose, understanding, and companionship among my fellow activists and pundits.  This work honestly and openly explores a myriad of famous (and not so famous) figures such as Ron Paul, George W. Bush, and George Allen, and events like the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  It also examines my personal shifts in ideology…and unmasks the motivations that first propelled me into this turbulent world and those which have compelled me to remain almost two decades later.”

After a bit of recent discussion in Newport News, this project is quickly approaching publication.  I am told that only two major hurdles remain: professional editing and securing a sufficient level of interest and sales.  Once those obstacles have been overcome, you will be able to find this book, Reflections of a Virginia Conservative, at Barnes and Noble!

Therefore, at the start of 2014 I am planning a kickstarter campaign to presell copies of this book.  I’ll provide more details and a link soon!

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