Reclaiming the Party Part: IV

As an avid read of the blog would know, one of my major concerns has been to wrest control of the Republican Party away from the neo-conservatives who dominated policy during the presidency of George W. Bush.  I’m pleased to say that we are moving in the right direction.  With each passing day as a result of the legacy of Bush and the quagmire of Obama, more and more Americans reject the philosophy of the nanny state, government interference in the private sector, preemptive war, and the burden of military occupation while clamoring for more federalism and states rights.

Last night, the Southern Avenger posted a video that eloquently addresses the current ideological struggle and I encourage you to watch it.

What surprised me is that so many conservatives who despised the foreign policy of Woodrow Wilson were so quick to embrace his progressive agenda once the neo-conservatives offered a repackaging of basically the same philosophy.  I’ve been stating and restating that point on this blog almost since day one when I tied neo-conservatism to Wilsonianism back in June 30 of 2008.

Worry not fellow lovers of liberty.  With your help, we will once again have a major party that consistently and boldly advocates the policies of personal responsibility and limited, constitutional government.  Not only can we reclaim the Republican Party, we are winning!

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  1. I think the Tea Party movement is basically anti-progressive, anti-Neo-Con.

    I know for certain that we have an anti-progressive, libertarian, Constitutional candidate in the 5th district in Michael McPadden.

    I hope that people around the state and nation pay some attention to our race in the 5th. All congressional races now are NATIONAL, because each one is important to regaining control.

    Take about 4 minutes to watch McPadden’s new video WE THE PEOPLE. It features good Tea Party footage, and commentary by Mike on the significance of the Tea Party movement, and a new anthem written specifically for the Tea Parities. For one of the best commentaries on the importance of the Tea Party movement, take about 4 minutes to watch this video. Great points, good Tea Party footage, and a cool anthem written specifically for the Tea Party movement.

    McPadden’s website is

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